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May We Have Your Attention...

Come worship together as a family at the Big Picture Show Family Experience in Theater 81, Sunday, October 29 at 11:25am.

Are you a woman fighting or surviving breast cancer and would love to grow in community with other women who share your journey? Join our Breast Cancer Support group.

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Current Teaching


This Changes Everything

By: Jon Weece
Oct 22, 2017

The greatest event with the biggest impact is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. In this message we will look at what could happen in central Kentucky if the people of Southland lived like they believed they were immortal.

Next Series

Castles & Barns

The human heart is where God has chosen to take up residence. And the parables of Jesus give us a clear picture of the kind of life he wants to partner with us to build. It’s a better life than anything we can construct on our own. So be sure to join us and invite a friend for our next series beginning on Sunday, October 29th.

A Solid Foundation


A Solid Blueprint


A Solid Framework


A Solid Tool Belt


A Solid Renovation


A Solid Inspection

Weekend Setlist

From Sunday, October 22nd

Prayer and Praise

From Our Interactive Prayer Board

God has me! He loves me! And He is the source of every miracle in my life!

Please pray for me. I have been told I have a heart problem and will have a heart catheterization on Wednesday. I am only 43. Pray for peace and healing.

God gave me a tiny confirmation that a miracle is on the way! It's a baby step but I'm excited! Praise God!

Please pray for a friend of mine. She seeks better employment opportunities with the new skills she has acquired through schooling.

Submit a prayer or praise of your own.
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This Week's Devotion

Will Briggs

10/16/17 – 10/21/17   

The Holy Spirit gives everyone a different ability to do something that benefits the world around us and that ability is called a gift. In this message we will unwrap the different spiritual gifts that are meant to help the world have the same picture of who Jesus is.s

Win Win Situations

Real changes happening in our community

Extending Hope Through Food

Giving food or buying someone a meal is a great way to show them you love them and care. We love having the opportunity to give food to people who need to feel an extension of hope and we do this in several ways. Our backpack ministry through our local outreach program allows us to give food to kids who are in need, right here in Central Kentucky! Specifically, at our Georgetown Campus, we were also able to take extra food to a family grieving the loss of their mom and wife. We continue to pray for this family but we are grateful we could help meet some of their basic needs.

Food Is the Way to the Heart

One of the ways we extend hope to those in our community is by partnering with Warner Elementary in Nicholasville. We send volunteers to mentor students, prepare bags of food for kids in need & to provide encouragement to teachers & staff. This allows us to serve the community for special events. Back in August, our volunteers came together for Warner’s open house where we had a cookout & served the families from that school. At the end of the night, we counted 997 people we got to serve!

Supporting Our Schools

Over the summer, we have received several ‘thank you’ cards from the staff of the schools we support. One even stopped by connection point recently. Here’s what she had to say:

“Our school is so appreciative of our partnership with Southland. I know that you all send at least 100 of our kids home with a food backpack each week that they wouldn’t normally have. Our Southland mentors and volunteers are great, as they come and eat lunch, play games, help in the classroom and even celebrate their students’ birthdays. Each month, the staff receives teacher appreciation treats and we are always so excited to get those. I’ve heard a few members of our staff comment on how generous Southland is. One person even said, “If I didn’t already have a church home, I would definitely go to Southland because of all that they’ve done for our school and our kids.” We don’t feel like we express our gratitude and deep appreciation enough. Thank you so much! Please pass our “thanks” along to the rest of the staff and the church community.”

The Team That Prays Together, Stays Together

Our Children’s Ministry volunteers don’t just serve together on Sunday mornings, but they do life together all week long. One big way they keep in touch is by using group texting apps with their team. Last week at the Lexington campus, our Children’s leaders shared twelve different prayer requests with their teams throughout the week so they could be supporting each other and lifting each other up. We love that our volunteer teams are more like a family who lean into team community as they serve God’s kids.

God Written Stories

During this summer, the student ministry at our Georgetown Campus has had students sharing their stories. This has been a great way for students to learn how God has previously worked and is currently working in their peers’ lives. One student was inspired to start leading the other students in worship! God writes the best stories!

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