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5001 Harrodsburg Road · Nicholasville, KY 40356

Service Times:

Sun 9:30am (in Bldg E)
Sun 9:40am (in Theater 81)
Sun 11:15am (in Bldg E)

Campus Leader:

Derrick Purvis

Get in Touch:

(859) 224-1600
General Email

Office Hours:

Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 23338
Lexington, KY 40523


2349 Richmond Road · Lexington, KY 40502

Service Times:

Sun 9:30am (in Auditorium)
Sun 11:15am (in Auditorium)
Sun 6:08pm (in Auditorium)

Campus Leader:

Kelly Jennings

Get in Touch:

(859) 224-1600
General Email

Office Hours:

Open to visitors Mon & Wed, 9am-4pm

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 23338
Lexington, KY 40523


300 School House Rd · Georgetown, KY 40324‎

Service Times:

Sun 9:30am (in LMES Gym)
Sun 11:15am (in LMES Gym)

Campus Leader:

Dan Jackson

Get in Touch:

(859) 224-1600
General Email

Office Hours:

Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 23338
Lexington, KY 40523


1001 Ben Ali Dr. #2 · Danville, KY 40422

Service Times:

Sun 9:30am (in Auditorium)
Sun 11:15am (in Auditorium)

Campus Leader:

Brian Lucas

Get in Touch:

(859) 224-1600
General Email

Office Hours:

Open to visitors Monday and Wednesday, 9am – 5pm and Thursday, 9am – 12pm.

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 23338
Danville, KY 40422


Campus Leaders

Brian Lucas
Danville Campus Leader

Dan Jackson
Georgetown Campus Leader

Derrick Purvis
Nicholasville Campus Leader / Formation Pastor

Kelly Jennings
Lexington Campus Leader
Campus Operations

April Brown
Safety and Security Director

Cecil Williams
Facilities Director

Chris Waits
Facilities Team

Jimmy Johns
Facilities Team

Lisa Richardson
Campus Operations Administrative Assistant

Mary Chris Hampton
Facilities Team

Rodney Kern
Facilities Team

Skip Smith
Maintenance Specialist

Susan Houck
Facilities Team

Tim Chinn
Facilities Team
Campus Programming

Aaron Ranson
Worship & Programming Pastor - Danville

Jonathan McKeown
Worship & Programming Director - Nicholasville

Leeza Pleli
Programming Volunteer Coordinator / Administrative Assistant - Lexington

Matt Edin
Worship & Programming Pastor - Lexington

Michael Rossini
Worship & Programming Director - Georgetown

Sarah Hopkins
Programming Volunteer Coordinator / Administrative Assistant - Nicholasville

Allen Conner
Care Leader - Nicholasville

Amy Bowerbank
Care Administrative Assistant

Brewster McLeod
Community Support Pastor

Garrett Stephens
Senior Adults Pastor

Greg Chandler
Care Leader - Lexington

Jennifer Wallace
Counseling Assessment Coordinator

Laura McIntyre
Care Coordinator

Leslie Stone
Funeral Coordinator / Office Host

Rebecca Hatton
Care Leader

Will Briggs
Care Pastor

Aaron Winneroski
Children's Video Producer

Andrea Smetanko
Children's Elementary Programmer

Diana Bower
Children's Content & Supply Coordinator

Dotty Harney
Children's Ministry Leader - Georgetown

Heather Johnson
Children's Leader - Lexington

Jason Byerly
Children's Pastor

Jason Koerner
Children's Ministry Leader - Nicholasville

Jennifer Haseloff
Children's Animation Station Writer

Jessica Phelps
Children's Volunteer Leader - Nicholasville

Mandy King
Children's Volunteer Coordinator - Nicholasville

Melissa McIntosh
Nursery Leader - Lexington

Nancy Horton
Nursery Leader - Nicholasville

Sara Morgan
Children's Volunteer Leader - Lexington

Shannon Colwick
Children's Ministry Leader - Danville

Sharon Hahn
Great Escape Director

Tyler Johnson
Children's Content Team Leader

Wende Malone
Children's Operations Coordinator

Bret Foster
Communications Director

Carrie Edmister
Graphic Designer

Jennifer Manley
Communications Project Coordinator

TJ Chinn
Web Designer

Todd Ferguson
Web Developer

Toria Howard
Social Media Coordinator

Allison Antram
Creative Team Administrative Assistant

Hanna Wahlbrink
Creative Director

Jeff Laub
Creative Team Content Manager

Jordan West
Video Post / Live Engineer

Neil Gregory
Video Producer

Nick Key
Video Production Leader

Charlotte Ewing
Human Resources Director

Chris Hahn
Lead Executive Pastor

Cindy Willison
Executive Assistant

Gordon Walls
Outreach Director

Jim Cox
Campus Operations Director

Jon Weece
Lead Follower

Kim Pascual
Executive Assistant to Jon Weece

Kurt Braun
Executive Director Operations / Advancement

Mike Vandemark
Programming Director

Nathan Head
Executive Pastor of Ministries

Cindy Wimpy
Finance Director

Corina Forrester
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Lori Bruner
Accounts Receivable / Contributions Coordinator

Gary Black
Teaching Development Director

Jennifer Lucas
Wedding Coordinator

LaShawn Barber
Groups / Guest Experience Leader - Georgetown

Spencer Hahn
Groups / Guest Experience Leader - Danville
Global Outreach

Joshua Jennings
Haiti Country Coordinator

Mark Perraut
Global Outreach Director

Myron Williams
Global Outreach Development Pastor

Robin Seavers
Global Outreach Logistics Coordinator

Ashley Bowerbank
Groups Administrative Assistant

Evan Wehrle
Groups Leader - Lexington

Shaun Denney
Groups Team Director - Nicholasville
Guest Experience

Hannah Gilbert
Office Host

Kate Grounds
Office Host

Kelsi Collins
Guest Experience Leader - Lexington

Laura Rizer
Guest Experience / Events Director

Meredith True
Guest Experience Administrative Assistant

Tracie Tackett
Guest Experience Leader - Nicholasville
Human Resources

Dannette Highley
Benefits Coordinator

Elizabeth Kelly
Hiring Staff Coordinator

Michelle Frank
Staff Development
Information Technology

Patrick Helm
Systems Engineer

Randy Refalo
IT Director

Ray Richardson
IT Systems Specialist
Local Outreach

Allie Gilkerson
Outreach Support - Georgetown

Becky Brass
Outreach Coordinator

Betty Hawkins
Local Initiatives Leader

Candy Williams
Helping Thru Him & Financial Care Coordinator

Charlie Easterly
Helping Thru Him Director

Janelle Earley
Serve The City Leader

Max Appel
Local Service Director

Tiffany Jacobs
Outreach Support / Administrative Assistant & Student's Worship Leader - Danville

Andrew Baker
Production Systems Engineer

Bubba Wilmhoff
Production Associate - Nicholasville

Carson Childers
Production Associate - Danville/ IT Support

Christian Muncie
Production Associate - Nicholasville

Daniel Lycan
Production Associate / IT Support

Jake Bernard
Production Associate - Lexington

James Rutledge
Production Associate - Lexington

Kurt Peterson
Campus Production Coordinator

Ben MacGill
Student's Program Leader

Caroline Krouse
High School Discipleship Leader - Nicholasville

Daniel Mercer
Middle School Discipleship Leader - Nicholasville

David Hausknecht
Middle School Director - Nicholasville

Eric Schneider
Student Leader - Lexington

Ian Schweitzer
Student Ministry Leader - Georgetown

Jeremy Congdon
Student Ministry Leader - Danville

Mallory Rohach
Student's Administrative Assistant

Richard Weese
High School Leader - Nicholasville

Sarah Cleaver
Student's Administrative Assistant

Scott Ferguson
Student Director

Benji Maurer
Worship Development Director

Jessica McKenney
Worship Leader

Katie Feola
Worship Leader

Liz Barber
Music Coordinator - Lexington

Natalie Hogue
Worship Leader

Nick Jones
Worship Leader / Post-Audio

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