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Georgetown Campus Note

Posted Dec 01, 2020

It’s officially December! Which means we can all officially celebrate Christmas without any Grinches complaining it’s “too early”. I love Christmas. It is hands down the best holiday. Our family decorated very early this year. Like, November 1st, early. It’s not usually what we do but it was a cold and windy Sunday, 2020 has just been a year, and we were in need of some joy. So we put the TV “fireplace” on, started MixMas over the speakers, and got the tree up.

And it worked! We started to remember how joyful this season is and Who our true source of joy is. To cap off the start of the season we even got our first blanket of snow this week! It was a very thin blanket, yes, but a blanket nonetheless. And my daughter wasted no time getting outside to play in it. No matter how cold her fingers got, she was just overwhelmed with the joy of getting to build a tiny snowman, throw snowballs, and catch snowflakes on her tongue. 

This has been a hard year. But I’m grateful that our joy comes not from the circumstances of this year, but from our Heavenly Father. I’m also grateful to be a part of a church who gets it. We had 100 children to sponsor with gifts for Christmas this year and it barely took a couple hours for our campus to cover that. Thank you for committing to serve others despite this difficult year. Let us continue to give joy as the year comes to a close! Not only with money and gifts but also with what God is doing in our lives and through us. Be a light to every person you come in contact with and give them the gift of joy this year. And let us take that joy into 2021 as we get ready for what God has planned for us next.

Ian Schweitzer | Georgetown Campus Team

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