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Lexington Campus Note

Posted Apr 13, 2021

I remember coming to the Lexington Mall when I was young. The first thing I noticed was the smell of caramel corn when I walked through the doors. There was also a small, two-theater cinema where I saw at least a couple of movies over the years. I remember shopping at Dawahares, Radio Shack, and Allsports Sporting Goods, along with McAlpins, among other places. The department in McAlpins where I would get my husky blue jeans is where our Parkside Theater is now located. And I've lost count of the people who have reminded me where the shoe department was on the second level right outside our current office area!

At the time I shopped at the Lexington Mall, I could NEVER have imagined that it would one day be a Southland location, let alone a location where I would serve. We opened the doors to the Lexington Campus in January of 2013 and we've been nothing but humbled by how God has used this location to continue unleashing a revolution of love to the community around us and our world. 

And just like my inability to imagine an abandoned mall one day becoming a church campus, I also couldn't have imagined not serving here, given my love for this place and its people. But, God often surprises us with things we couldn't have otherwise imagined. Southland's leadership asked if I would step over to the Nicholasville Campus to become the Campus Pastor there. That transition is happening in the next couple of weeks. Initially, the excitement about what was ahead was all I could think about. It's been in the last few days, however, that the sadness of what I'm leaving has set in.

Lexington Campus, it has been such a joy to serve alongside you at a campus that I think expresses Jesus and Southland so well. You are in great hands with a Campus Pastor and Staff Team that I have so much love and respect for. Keep loving. Keep serving. Keep Jesus at the center. I hope I can take some of what makes this campus so special back to the Nicholasville Campus. Thank you for your prayers in this season of transition. We serve a God who filled an abandoned mall with a church and fills abandoned hearts with healing and love.

Much love,

Greg Chandler | Campus Team

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