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Our Goal

At Southland, we want to help parents raise kids who love Jesus, love the Bible and love people. We also want to make it really easy to bring your children to church to help you grow together as a family.
Here’s how we do it.

Safe Environments

We create safe environments parents can trust. All of our volunteers have gone through a thorough screening process with a background check and an interview, and all of our adult leaders have completed a special training program called MinistrySafe. There will be at least two adults with your child at all times to take great care of them while you enjoy worship.

For Children's environment details click here.

Fun Experiences

We create experiences that children will love, with age-appropriate games, songs, and activities designed just for them. Kids learn best when they’re having a blast, and we work hard to make sure every minute in Children’s Ministry is packed with kid-geared fun. We’ve also themed our Children’s Ministry environments with cool sets and decor that capture kids’ imaginations and set them up for an awesome day. You can also follow along at home with our new weekly Bible Blast.

Engaging Bible Teaching

Every week in Children’s Ministry we craft teaching, worship, and small group times to bring the Bible to life in a way kids will never forget. We want our kids to know Jesus and follow Him, and the best place to start is by helping them understand what the Bible has to say. We also staff our rooms with leaders who love Jesus and will help your kids discover what it means to live out God’s Word every day.


Helpful Resources

A child’s spiritual growth doesn’t end when they walk out of church on Sunday. In fact, we believe that’s where it’s just getting started, and God made parents to lead the way. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

Every week we provide relevant resources such as family devotions and Bible story videos to go with each Sunday's lesson to make it easy for parents to talk about God at home and capture teachable moments along the way. Sign up for our weekly Bible Blast to get this helpful content sent straight to your inbox.

We'd love to connect with your family this weekend. Click here to plan your first visit to Southland.

Register your Kids Online
If you're already attending, but want to register your child for Children's Ministry check-in, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make a difference by serving in Children’s ministry, click here.

Children's Ministry FAQ

What events do you offer for children?

    • All of our Children’s Ministry events at Southland are family events, designed for the whole family to attend together.  Most campuses offer the following events each year:
      • Rooted: a parent dedication service for families with infants or toddlers.
      • KidSplash: a family teaching and worship event for kids who have questions about baptism.
      • 5th Grade Celebration: a special party and prayer event for 5th graders who are promoting out of Children’s Ministry.
      • Family Carnival: a fun celebration with bounce houses and other carnival games designed to help families come together and connect other families at their campus.

What if my child is interested in baptism?

    • We offer a resource called KidSplash for families whose elementary children are asking questions about being baptized and following Jesus or if you just want to get the conversation started.  
    • At KidSplash we will teach families what the Bible has to say about what it means to follow Jesus and be baptized and will give you helpful resources to continue the conversation at home.
    • KidSplash is offered as both a live event and as an online experience.  Check your campus events calendar for details about the next KidSplash event.

When does Children’s Ministry meet?

    • We have children’s environments open for all kids birth-5th grade during our morning services. Children environments for the 6pm service at our Lexington Campus coming in the Fall of 2021.

How does drop off and pick up work?

    • Children’s Ministry check-in opens fifteen minutes before the beginning of each adult worship service and closes fifteen minutes after the service begins.  Be sure and arrive early to give your family plenty of time to get in and get settled before service begins.  
    • At check-in, our volunteers will help you check in using our electronic check-in system.  The system will print a name for your child and a corresponding pick-up tag for you to present at the end of service to pick up your child.  
    • For a fast and easy check-in experience, be sure and download the Church Center app, to make your drop off as simple as possible.  Our Children’s Ministry volunteers can show you how to use it at check in. 
    • When you pick up your child we will match your tags to make you are authorized for pick up.  In the event you lose your parent tag, you will need to present a photo ID to allow us to verify your identity for check out.  

What will my child do in Children’s Ministry?

    • For infants through two-year-olds, our focus will be loving and caring for each child.  Our leaders will play with them, rock them, pray for them and meet whatever needs come up during the service.  It’s our goal to make sure our nursery children feel loved and safe and have a great first impression of church.
    • All children two years old and up, will get to participate in a full morning of fun and engaging programming.  Though our content will look a little different in each age group, all of our older nursery children, preschooler and elementary kids will follow the same basic schedule:  
      • Connect Time: As kids arrive in Children’s Ministry, they will have a chance to play and hang out with other children and their leaders.  This is great chance for our volunteers to help your kids feel welcome and to catch up on their week.  
      • Large Group: During Large Group, children will participate in a super fun kid-style worship service.  They will sign age-appropropriate songs and experience creative Bible teaching teaching designed just for their age group.
      • Small Group: In Small Group, kids will play games other learning activities to help them think about how they can apply the Bible truth they just learned in the Large Group lesson.  This is also another opportunity for our leaders to get your kids and build relationships week after week.
      • Check Out: During Check Out time, kids may continue to meet with their small groups, play games or watch videos as we wait for parents arrive for pick-up.  
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