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Madison Central High School
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Children's Ministry (Birth - PreK) - 9:00 AM
Children's Ministry (Elementary) - 9:30 AM
Main Service - 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 6:00 PM

Parent Newsletter

What's happening this month in Children's Ministry

This is a monthly resource to help parents make the most of all that our Children’s Ministry has to offer your family. We have broken it down into four sections to give you everything from big picture inspiration to a detailed overview of what we’re teaching in our Children’s environments. Sign up at the bottom of your screen to receive the Parent Newsletter email each month!

The Big Picture

God's Plan for Our Kids 

Do you ever wonder what your kids will be like as adults? On their good days that’s fun to imagine. On their bad days, not so much.  

Just like us, our kids are a mixed bag of wonderful kingdom potential and frustrating selfishness, weakness and sin. Thankfully, Jesus’ message to them is the same as it was for Paul, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness” (2 Cor 12:9 NLT).

On the hard days of parenting we need to remember that our kids are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.  He lovingly crafted them with unique personalities and abilities that He wants to use to help the world know Jesus. 

However, like us, they are a work-in-progress. Like us, they get tripped up by fear, insecurity and pride. Like us, they need all the help they can get to become the people God made them to be.  

That’s where parents come in. With God’s help, and by God’s grace, we get to lead our kids to grow into their God-given potential.  But let’s be honest. That’s no easy task.  

Right now we may only see a snapshot of the person our kids will become in Christ, but God sees the big picture. We need that holy vision to keep us going when our kids are throwing tantrums, struggling with friend drama, or fighting with their siblings for the millionth time today.  

In fact, we named our Southland Nursery environments the Design Studio to remind parents and leaders God has designed even our youngest kids with eternal purpose.  

If you find that hard to believe, remember that all of God’s big promises in Scripture came true through a baby. God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation. The promise came true through a baby. God promised the Israelites He would deliver them from slavery in Egypt. The promise came true through a baby. God promised the world He would save them from their sin. This promise came true through a baby.

Isaac.  Moses. Jesus.  When it comes to God’s story, children may be small, but their destiny is huge. 

That’s why we need to persevere in our spiritual parenting and link arms with anyone who can help us help our kids step into God’s plan for their lives.

Here are two simple ways to do that:  

First, sign up for a Southland Group and connect with other parents who will pray for you, cheer you on and remind you of God’s good plan for your family.  

Next, team up with the Big Picture Show. We want to partner with you by putting leaders in your children’s lives who love them and will reinforce the good news of the Bible you are teaching at home. Commit to attending a consistent service so your children can build relationships with their leader and other kids in their group. Use the Parent Cue app and our weekly family resources to sync up your family conversations with what your kids are learning at church. 

To help you keep God's big picture for parenting in mind, we're giving away a free copy of Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp. Just email us at by March 10th for a chance to win.  

Congratulations to Kim Baker who won last month’s giveaway, The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Series Overview

Preschool & Nursery

Following the leader is definitely something kids love and understand. What they need to learn is that throughout life there will be countless choices of leaders they can follow. We want them to know who the best leader is to follow. And that is Jesus! Jesus is the best leader we can follow! Why? Because Jesus loves us, and He will always lead us in the best way.



When we think of D.I.Y. we usually think about home projects and lots of tools. But D.I.Y. can really be anything you can do yourself! This month Elementary kids will be learning that forgiveness is a D.I.Y. project that only they can do. Because of God’s amazing forgiveness, we should work hard to forgive others.

For more details and devotions head over to our Family Resource page.


Babies are Small but Their Destiny is Huge.

Our Design Studio Nursery environments are not just places where diaper change happens but where life change happens. The nursery is full of babies but it’s not babysitting. In the Design Studio we are the light of the world and our leaders are making a difference in families’ lives they will never forget.

When it comes to God’s story, babies are small but their destiny is huge. In the Design Studio, we are here to help families discover that God has a wonderful plan for their lives.  Our amazing volunteers help our kids take their first steps in getting to know the God who made them and has an amazing plan for their lives.

Carolyn, one of our awesome Design Studio leaders, recently shared her story with us about what it's ike to serve our youngest Big Picture Show kids. 

Why did you start volunteering?

I began volunteering around 25 years ago to give back to church that provided healing for me through the worst time in my life. These 25 years have been such a joy. The little ones keep me young at heart. I just love caring for, playing with little ones and letting them know that Jesus loves them. I want them to see church as a safe, loving place that they look forward to coming to. 

What’s your favorite memory?

A favorite memory happened when I was teaching to [the] 2 years-olds at Nicholasville campus. I was a little hoarse and said to the children that I have a frog in my throat. One little boy said, “Let me see it”. 

What advice would you have for those thinking about serving?

The older generation should step up and care for the little ones so that young moms and dads can enjoy the service and refresh their spirits without worrying about their little ones. 

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