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Fall Kickoff

Fall Kickoff!

Let's kick this school year off right! Check out our Fall Kickoff Parent Newsletter! It's filled with fun family resources, from Fall Bucket Lists to Back to School Prayer Cards, that are sure to encourage your family's relationship with God and each other this fall season. 

Back-to-School Prayer Cards

When you have school-aged kids, the back-to-school season is a big deal. For many, it’s a time of transition to new classes, teachers, friends, schedules, and expectations, which can bring anxiety and apprehension. That’s true for both kids and parents.  

As parents, we want to do everything we can to prepare our kids for a great school year, and so we stock up on school supplies, lunchboxes, backpacks, clothes, and everything we think they may need to start their year off right.  We want our kids to feel equipped and confident as they jump back into school.

However, as important as those things are, the two most vital school supplies we can give our kids this school year are God’s Word and prayer.  That’s why we’ve created a set of printable Back-to-School Prayer Cards that can also serve as a parent prayer guide for the fall.  

Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” (NLT). 

When we get the truth of the Bible into our childrens’ heads and hearts, God will use it as a spiritual GPS to help them stay focused on Him and follow Him no matter what challenges they may face.  

You can print off the Back-to-School Bible Cards and drop them in your child’s backpack or lunchbox, or put them somewhere at home where your child will see them regularly. Then use that verse as a prayer prompt of what to pray for your child that day.

For example, when you give your child the Psalm 139:14 card, you might pray that your child would know their worth comes from God, that they would surrender their lives to Him as their Creator, and that God would help them discover their gifts and abilities. Or, you can just pray that God would help them embrace the truth of that verse today.  

Your prayer doesn’t have to be fancy or super spiritual; just talk to God about your child and invite Him to guide them, protect them, and provide what they need to grow closer to Him each day. 

This Fall at The Big Picture Show

Here at The Big Picture Show, we are gearing up for an exciting Fall season across all of our campuses and there is so much to celebrate. Check out what is happening at your campus and we'll see you there! 







  • Rooted - Oct 17th 1:30 PM 



  • Marriage Conference - Sept 25th 10:00 am at Lexington Campus with guest speaker Bob Russell. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we will announce registration dates there!

Fall Series



We are launching into fall with a focus on what God can do in us to change the world around us. World change begins within each of us. In our series,  Ready for Launch we learn to live like Jesus everyday. As we Tell the World we will discover how to tell others all about Jesus! Finally, we will wrap up the fall with our series called Upcycle during this series we will learn that everything we have comes from God. It’s going to be an exciting fall and we are so excited to have you join us on this adventure into the Bible. 



This fall our preschoolers are learning all about how God is always with us, He loves us, and we should say “thank you” to God.  We kick off fall with a series called Toy Box.  During this series, preschoolers will understand that they are never truly alone because God is always with us.  Then we follow with our series called Lemonade Stand.  During this series, we will focus on how much God loves us.  Finally, in the season of thanksgiving, we will learn that God is who we need to thank for everything that we have.  We can’t wait to have all our preschoolers join us for these exciting series this fall. 

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