Whether you're staying home or hitting the road, check out this summer resource! Packed with fun games, activities and even a summer worship playlist for the whole family to enjoy! 

Celebrate Summer 

Summer is here, and we have so much to celebrate! After all, we’re entering the season of ice cream, fireflies, pool time, lawn chairs, hammocks, flip flops, cookouts, watermelons, fireworks, amusement parks, road trips and no homework or school projects as far as the eye can see! 

Your summer may not include all of those things, but there’s surely something on that list, or your own definition of summer fun, that should bring a smile to your face as we roll into June.  

But best of all, God is good, and this is a great season to enjoy Him, His creation and time with our families. That’s why we’ve loaded this Parent Newsletter with ideas to help your family make the most of this summer together.  

Psalm 113:3 says, “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised” (NIV). That means we get to celebrate God everywhere we go, all day long.  So no matter what your summer looks like, our prayer is that your family has a blast celebrating God and this awesome season that He has made for us to enjoy.

On The Road

This summer many of our Southland families will be hitting the road for family vacations or day trips. No matter how far you may be traveling (even if it’s just around town), here are some ideas to make your summer family car time way more fun.  


Road Trip Playlist

One of the best parts of a road trip is listening to great tunes while you’re cruising down the highway. To help get you started, here are some of our favorite worship songs from the Big Picture Show you can use as the soundtrack for your next family adventure. For an added challenge, see if your kids can do the song motions from the back seat!


Road Trip Games

Are we there yet? Family road trips can be awesome or not-so-awesome, depending on how things go with your kids. Here are some classic road trip games to help pass the time.

  • License Plate Game
    • How to Play: Download this printable map of all 50 states. Every time you spot a car with a license plate from a different state, color in the state on the map.  Try to see how many states you can find before you make it to your destination.  
  • Alphabet Signs 
    • How to Play: Going from A to Z, look for road signs containing a word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You can use billboards, highway signs, etc.  
    • For example, tell everyone in the car you’re looking for the letter “A.” As soon as someone spots a sign for Arby’s, Atlanta, Road Work Ahead, etc, move on to the letter B and so on.  
    • Depending on the age of your kids and where you’re travelling you may have to skip hard to find words like Q, X & Z or allow kids to find letters in the middle of words instead of just the beginning, such as the X in any exit sign.  
  • Going on a Trip 
    • How to Play: Test your family’s memory by letting each person say the phrase, “I’m going on a trip and all I’m taking is . . .” and then adding an item to the growing list that everyone has to try to remember. 
    • For example, the first player may say, “I’m going on a trip and all I’m taking is a flashlight.” The next player will say, “I’m going on a trip and all I’m taking is a flashlight and a monkey.”   
    • The more people who go, the longer the list will be and the harder to remember.
    • Players can add real things like a toothbrush or silly things like a giant ice cream cone.  
    • If you want to play competitively, count players out of the game when they can’t remember all the items on the list or you can help each other by giving hints to try to keep it going as long as possible.  


Big Picture Show To Go

If you’re on the road this summer, check out the Weekly Bible Blast to make sure your kids don’t miss out on their worship and teaching time. You’ll also find a family devotion to go with each lesson to make it easy to talk about what your kids are learning together.


You can watch your child’s Children’s Ministry program any time on the Weekly Bible Blast webpage or by signing up to have it sent straight to your inbox every week.


Summer Series: Press Play  

Have you ever seen an athlete wearing headphones before a big competition? They’re listening to their favorite music to get inspired and feel confident so they will be ready to compete.  

When it comes to leading our kids spiritually, though, we have something that will give them even more confidence than a catchy soundtrack. We have the unchanging message of God’s Word.   

This summer we’ll be teaching kids to “press play” on the big truths of the Bible to build their confidence in God. In June and July all ages will be learning about the gift of God’s Son from John 3:16 and that nothing can separate us from His love. They will discover how God has a great plan for their lives and that they can trust Him no matter what.  

Here are three things you can do to impress these life-changing truths on your kids all summer long. 

1. Any week you’re in town, bring your kids to their Children’s Ministry environment at whichever campus you attend.  

2. If you’re on the road or have to miss, take 15 minutes and watch your child’s teaching and worship service with them on the Weekly Bible Blast page. Sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox each week. 

Whether you’re in person or online, do the family devotion you can find on the Weekly Bible Blast page to help you have great conversations as a family all summer long.

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