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Madison Central High School
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Children's Ministry (Birth - PreK) - 9:00 AM
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Parent Newsletter

What's happening this month in Children's Ministry

This is a monthly resource to help parents make the most of all that our Children’s Ministry has to offer your family. We have broken it down into four sections to give you everything from big picture inspiration to a detailed overview of what we’re teaching in our Children’s environments. Sign up at the bottom of your screen to receive the Parent Newsletter email each month!

The Big Picture

Making the Most of Summer 

What are your favorite memories of summer as a kid? Hanging out at the pool? Roasting marshmallows over a campfire? Riding your bike with friends?

My summers were full of camping, swimming and watching movies at the drive-in theater near my house. A lot has changed since then. For example, as a kid in the seventies I had four drive-ins within 45 minutes of home. Now I have one, and until 2020 I wasn’t sure how long it would be around.

Today, though, thanks to COVID-19, drive-ins have made a comeback. Who would have guessed?

In this season of quarantine, reopenings, social distancing and masks, parents and kids have had to deal with plenty of change, and as of late June, we have no idea how much change is yet to come with the new school year and beyond.

However, this summer, it’s up to us to help our family focus on the things that never change.  Psalm 46:10 reminds us to, “be still and know that I am God,” and Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (NIV).  

Here in the Big Picture Show in July we’ll be continuing to challenge our kids to keep their eyes on Jesus and His unchanging love through our elementary series called Focus and our preschool and nursery series, I Spy.  

At home, you can do the same, just by getting out and enjoying the simple pleasures of summer with your kids. Start by taking a breath yourself and thanking God for the little blessings each day. Then, as you make memories with your kids, point out God’s goodness along the way and thank Him as a family for the joys of summer.  

Spend your summer praying short prayers with your family like:

God, thank You for making these awesome fireflies.  

God, that is an amazing sunset!  You are such an Artist! 

God, thanks for giving us taste buds that make s’mores taste so amazing!  

God, thank You for the fun of playing in the cold water on a hot day.  

God, thanks for sending Jesus so we can be free no matter what. 

Our Big Picture Show team is praying that you will have a fantastic summer with your family making great memories that your kids will treasure forever.  

Just to help you get started, we’re giving away a summer fun pack with lots of goodies to get your family outside and having a blast together. If you’d like to register just email us at by July 10th with the subject line “summer fun.”  

Congratulations to Lindsey McKenzie, who won the Ollie's I Spy activity book and Kelsey Jones, who won the Focus Take a Closer Look an 8-week devotional experience for Kids 

Series Overview


This month we continue with the incredible truth, I can believe in Jesus. This truth is so powerful that we will continue asking the question, “Who can believe in Jesus?” so our kids will know, “I can believe in Jesus!” We want them to know that Jesus is real and know that He loves them no matter what. Jesus is who He said He is, and He wants to be their Forever Friend. 



We see God’s handiwork on display everyday through His creation. But we see God’s love on display through Jesus, who came to rescue us. This month we will learn that when we focus on what we know to be true about God and the world He created, we can have faith in what we can’t see or fully understand. 

For more details and devotions head over to our Family Resource page. 


Becoming A Leader 

Have you ever wondered who leads your campus Children’s ministry? We have an amazing Children’s Pastor at each campus that leads your kids and the volunteers to help kids grow in their faith. 

When Richmond Campus opens, the Children’s ministry will be led by Sara Morgan. Sara is from Winchester and she went to Asbury University. For the past seven years, she has been on staff at the Lexington Campus. She started as weekend staff and then became the Children’s Volunteer Pastor at Lexington campus. Read on to learn more about Sara! 

Q. When did you start coming to Southland?

A. I started attending in 2009 when I was a freshman at Asbury. I came on staff part-time in the Backlot in August of 2013 at the Lexington    Campus. Then I was the Children’s Volunteer Pastor. I oversaw all the volunteers, preschool through 5th grade small group leaders. I did that for about 3.5 years. 

Q. What have you learned from doing Children’s Ministry? 

A. I’ve learned how to lead. Growing up, I never considered myself a leader. Never really wanted to be a leader, I saw myself [more] as a follower than a leader. As I got older, ministry really helped me become a better leader and know I’m capable of doing that. I love kids. I love everything we get to do. I love getting to interact with kids and parents and the leaders. 

Q. What are you most excited about with Richmond? 

A. I’m honestly really excited about getting to connect with the volunteers we have here in Richmond. We have got the coolest group of volunteers.  Their excitement to volunteer and jump into Children’s has been huge for me. They want to jump in with their energy and their commitment. I can’t wait to be boots on the ground with these people. They are incredible.  

Q. What’s your favorite Children’s ministry memory? 

A. There are a lot of these... Whenever I get to see one of our kids get baptised or I get to see one of our leaders who has been leading the kid get to baptise them. Those are one of my all time favorite moments. It all comes together in that one moment. 

Q. What’s your favorite vacation? 

A. Anytime I get to go to the lake or I’m on a large body of water. Those are definitely on the top list of favorites. 

Q. Who is your hero? 

A. I’ll give you two. Personally, my mom is my hero. She is incredible. She has been through a lot, even where she is with her faith. I want to be like that. Otherwise growing up, I was obsessed with Princess Diana. I checked every book in the library and I have documentary videos. I have magazines. I had it all. I even got to go to a museum when all of her clothes were on a tour in Florida. I really like the heart she had to serve marginalized people. The charity work that she did was something I looked up to. 

Q. What makes you laugh the most? 

A. Anytime I’m with people I love and really appreciate and we are cracking jokes or something funny happens. Most of the time a good dad joke or anything like that. 

Q. What’s your favorite Disney movie? 

A. Cinderella is my favorite. Cinderella was the first movie I owned as a child. 

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