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Posted Jan 26, 2022

Life is busy. I know that statement isn’t a surprise to anyone reading this. You're probably wondering if you even have time to read this right now. I’ll keep it short!

Have you seen that GEICO commercial where the two cowboys are trying to schedule their gun fight and can’t find time in their planners? Lately, it's been hard to find time for me and my wife to just catch up on all that's going on in the midst of running in different directions. I find myself falling asleep in the evening trying to catch up on the day, or needing to run out the door in the mornings while we are trying to figure out who is taking which kid where. So, the communication that used to just happen naturally has to be intentional now.

It’s the same with my prayer time. I try to make my day an ongoing conversation with God. In Philippians, Paul wrote, “I thank my God every time I remember you” (Philippians 1:3). So, if someone or something comes to mind, I try to spend time in prayer. However, I get so busy that I can easily neglect actually spending time with God. So, it has to be intentional. And when I am, it's amazing how life slows down when I allow the God of the universe and of my heart to infiltrate my thoughts and my actions.

On Monday, January 31, at 6:30pm, the Danville Campus is hosting a Prayer Night. It’ll be a chance for us to slow down life and intentionally turn our attention to God. Put it in your planner, and we’ll see you there.

Brian Lucas | Danville Campus Pastor

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