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Oct 19th, 2020
BIG: Holy
By: Evan Wehrle
1 minute read 

Isaiah 6:3 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.

God’s holiness does not merely speak to his purity. 
It’s the fact that He is in a league of His own.
His all by himself-ness.
He is not at the top of the all-time great lists. 
He’s the only name on the list.
He isn’t just great. He’s great times infinity!
Who could you possibly compare to God?

Holiness is His glory shining for all to see.
It’s intrinsic glory; which means it's a glory which flows out of Him.
He doesn’t learn to be glorious. 
He didn’t train for it. 
He didn’t grow into it.
Everyone else’s glory is learned, developed, temporary, and limited. 
But that kind of glory will fade.
Your beauty, young lady, will fade. 
Your ability, young athlete, will fade. 
Your fame will fade, but His glory… will go on forever.

That’s how holy God is.
The goal, not just for your life, but for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, is to be a mirror to the brilliance and beauty and wonder of God.
To give God glory is not to give Him something that He didn’t already have, instead, it’s lining up with who He is!
Our purpose is to live in a way that says true things about the holiness of God.

When you think of God, do you think of His holiness? As you pray today, simply praise Him for who He is. He deserves every bit of it… and more.