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Mar 2nd, 2021
Muscle Car Theology: The Steering Wheel
By: Nathan Head
1 minute read 

John 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. (NIV)

My driving experiences have developed over the years. From a plastic three-wheeler to a bicycle, to a go-kart on a guided track at Disney, to a golf cart, and eventually a gasoline-powered car, each new experience gave me more freedom and more control. All of these experiences pale in comparison to my friend Layne who has successfully competed and won the annual race up Pike’s Peak on multiple occasions. (Here is his 2020 race. Watch at least the last 5 minutes. Insane!)

In John 16:13, Jesus informs His disciples that the very real Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, would be joining them soon and that His role would be to guide them into all truth. He was letting them know His days with them were getting short, but One would come to help them in ways greater than they could imagine. The Holy Spirit would come and guide them. The Holy Spirit would bring both amazing freedoms and also control.

We share something in common as Americans—freedom. The air we breathe is filled with independence, yet we know that this freedom is extremely perilous. All of us have spent time in life recovering from crashes brought by our own steering and desire for independence.

I am fully convinced that the very best decision I can make is a daily one. That decision is to give over control of my life to the Holy Spirit. As much as I want control over my life and to go my own way, I am not capable of leading myself to peace, joy, and goodness. I like to think I could race successfully to the summit of Pike’s Peak, but left to myself, I’d fly over the edge in record time.

Reflect on and thank God for the guardrails His Word has placed in your life.