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Mar 9th, 2021
Muscle Car Theology: The Passenger Seat
By: Kelly Hill
1 minute read 

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. (NIV)

A couple of summers ago, we loaded up 21 high school students and leaders to drive to Cincinnati, Ohio, for a mission trip with BLOC Ministries. Four high school girls nervously crawled into my Jeep, and we exchanged names. Then, they asked what my car’s name was. Technically this was my husband’s Jeep, and as far as I knew, it didn’t have a name. They excitedly started brainstorming names for my husband’s Jeep and landed on “Sammy.” I didn’t know the girls, they didn’t know me, and they really didn’t know each other all that well, but we were now bonded forever as the “Sammy Squad.” 

It’s funny how inside jokes and random traditions tie us together. Sports teams often do the same cheers and chants before and after games. Sororities and fraternities have songs and secret handshakes. Schools have colors and mascots.

Don’t force it, but notice what your family or your group of friends already love to do together, and make it a thing to look forward to and celebrate. Maybe you have a group of friends that go to Steak ‘n Shake together after church. Does your small group share your highs and lows of the week? Maybe your family loves to make tacos on Tuesdays and you call it “Taco Tuesday.” These things are small and simple, but when repeated, it can bond you together in a fun memory that you will cherish forever.

Not only can we create fun traditions with our families and friends, but we can also create spiritual routines together. When I was little, my family would kneel around the bed and pray together before we went to sleep. I know other families who set up special Sabbath practices together. Maybe this looks like meal time conversations or devotions. Gather your roommates, small group, friends, or family, and come up with some ideas together of ways you can grow with Jesus together.

What fun traditions can you create with your family or your friends? What spiritual routines can you establish together?