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Apr 26th, 2021
FOR: The Sick
By: Gary Black
1 minute read 

Lamentations 3:20 soul is downcast within me. (NIV)

Scott preached an excellent message yesterday about sickness, suffering, and healing. We’ll continue that theme this week.

If you haven’t read Lamentations lately, you should! You’ll empathize with Jeremiah, a man I would describe as depressed. “I drank from a cup of sorrow,” he said. “God made me chew on gravel and rolled me in the dust.” Wow. Reminds me of that line at the end of Psalm 88 which says, “Darkness is my closest friend.” Ever been there? Hey, me too. Sometimes life just feels like an endless walk in the desert.

As I read Jeremiah’s story, I notice that he focused on three things that helped him get better: God’s love, His compassion, and His faithfulness (vs. 22–23). The hardest battles in life are often fought between our ears. Here is Jeremiah’s three-point battle plan: 1) He decided to trust God for today. When it feels impossible to trust him for tomorrow, make a decision to trust him today. Choose to trust your Savior, not your pain. 2) Secondly, he never gave up. If he fell seven times, he got up eight. Progress is a process, but there’s no progress without the process. Healing takes time. Stay in the game; you can’t win if you quit. 3) Thirdly, he remembered God’s past faithfulness. Others may desert you, but God won’t. Have you learned that? Jeremiah did, and he remembered it. 

Charles Spurgeon, perhaps the greatest Bible teacher of all time, struggled for years with depression. He told his 15,000 member congregation, “I’ve spent more days shut up in depression than perhaps anyone. I often felt like quitting, but I sought God relentlessly and He met me in my pain.” Keep on seeking Him, friend, and He’ll restore your hope. I can’t give you a timeline, but I can promise a breakthrough.

Read Lamentations chapter three. When you come to verses 21–33, make a list of things that describe God’s faithfulness. I found thirteen. They changed my thinking and my day! Let me know what you discover about our Father.