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Apr 27th, 2021
FOR: The Sick
By: Gary Black
1 minute read 

Matthew 8:3 Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man. (NIV)

Jesus healed people in different ways—a prayer, a command, or just a simple touch. In our weekend message, He healed a leper. He could’ve stood 100 yards away; instead, He touched him, something that was forbidden in their culture.  

Even today, we find ways to avoid touching the sick, the terminally ill, those in convalescent care, the poor, the desperate. Some people prefer not to be touched at all rather than risk being hurt again. But there’s power in a godly touch. When we touch the hurting, the helpless, the hopeless, we’re really touching Jesus Himself. He once said, “Whatever you’ve done for the least of these, you’ve done for me.”

I read about a child, Aaron Barg, born with Trisomy 13, a rare genetic disorder—weakened heart, lungs, undeveloped brain, deafness, and blindness. Doctors said he would die in less than a year, and if he didn’t, his life would have no quality. A few doctors were willing to operate, but finding an anesthesiologist was impossible; they felt the risk was simply too high.

But an interesting thing happened. During a visit to the boy’s room, his mother asked an anesthesiologist if he would like to hold Aaron. He did so for a full hour, and only then did he agree to assist in an operation. Since then, he has assisted in several more. The takeaway? Touch matters. Touch helps. Touch heals.

Do you know anyone who needs a touch today? Make one. Not an email or card, but a personal, gentle, loving, healing touch. Many people feel like they don’t even exist; God wants them to know that they do, and He may use a hug, a hand on the shoulder, a stroke on their face, or a pat on their back.

Today, why not show someone that they’re not alone, that God loves them in the midst of their pain. Touch them with your hand. Know what they’ll feel? They’ll feel the hand of Jesus.