May 7th, 2021
FOR: The Captive
By: Rebecca Hatton
1 minute read 

Psalm 119:45 I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts. (NIV)

The place I feel most alive is sitting in a beach chair, toes dipped in the ocean. There is a sense of peace and tranquility there that is indescribable. Y’all, I was made for the “salt life.” Each year when we arrive oceanside, I go down to say hello to the beach upon our arrival. When we leave, I go one last time to say goodbye, and I confess, I often shed a tear or two because I know some time will have to pass before our next meeting.

What is it for you? Snow blowing around outside as you’re propped up inside by the fire, reading a great book? Hiking up a mountainside, breathing in crisp, fresh air and accomplishing an amazing feat of heights?

That’s the imagery stirred in me by the verse above. Absolute peace. Moments in the midst of which you simply want to freeze and stop time. Walking about in freedom. No cares, no worries, no fear. Here’s the deal: Obedience to what God says is right brings peace. Disobedience brings chaos. Always. God’s precepts—His principles or guidelines—are never intended to limit our fun or adventure. They are for two purposes: Our protection and our provision. Always.

It was God’s precepts that protected and preserved the Jewish people throughout history. When masses of people were dying of the Black Plague in Europe during the Middle Ages, the children of Israel weren’t. Why? Because of the dietary and cleansing requirements of the Law. Long before the American Medical Association determined we should all be washing our hands every chance we get, God taught His people intricate cleansing principles of both home and body that would keep them safe from disease. Was it to just make His people jump through hoops to please Him? Not at all. It was so they could walk about in freedom.

Oh, how I love Him.

What aspect of knowing Jesus brings you the most peace? Thank Him today for that, and then ask Him for more ways you can experience freedom. As we finished the week together, take a listen to this song.

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