Nov 9th, 2020
BIG: Sovereign
By: Michael Rossini
1 minute read 

Colossians 1:17 He existed before anything else and he holds all creation together. (NLT)

We have spent the last several weeks challenging ourselves to really explore and appreciate some incredible attributes of God—that He is glorious, holy, righteous, and worthy. This week, we want to try to wrap our heads around His sovereignty, or in other words, His ultimate authority.

God was present at the beginning of time, and even before, if it’s possible to conceive in our imaginations what that means. “In the beginning… the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1–2 ESV). Even with the exceptional use of metaphoric imagery, our language simply cannot capture the “before-ness” from which our God spoke everything into being, and then it was… and all that followed was divine craftsmanship, a display of His ultimate power.

In order to worship God, I feel I must first understand my proper place in it all; a good creation by a good God. When I attempt to manipulate that fact, I am already forgetting I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am already forgetting I did not create the Heavens or the Earth, nor certainly anything in between. The Lord did command us (with more than a fair amount of trust) to rule over the Earth and subdue it, but through it all, we must remember we are not the sovereign Creator. We are caretakers, stewards, builders and managers, reapers and sowers—we have many things to do and be while we are here on this Earth, but we definitely did not dream up this existence of ours.

There is only one Sovereign, and all things on Earth and above and below it are beholden to Him. 

Take the next few minutes to read Genesis 1. Today, let’s thank God for this created world, and that He wanted us to be part of it. Let us remember He is sovereign over all of it.

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