Jun 7th, 2021
Table for Two: Let's Talk About Your Priorities
By: Nathan Head
1 minute read 

Luke 19:5 When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” (NIV)

Imagine you are meeting Jesus for lunch today. Where would you go? How early would you arrive? What would you wear? Would you get the check? What time will He arrive? What will He order? Will others know who you are eating with? Does He like queso, too?

The sermon series we started on Sunday is called Table for Two, and I love the idea of sitting down at a small table with Jesus for a meal. I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling. If this popped up on my schedule, I’d be equal parts excited and fearful. I can hide a lot of things from most people, but Jesus knows everything about me. As loving as He is, part of that love gets to the truth of what I need to repent of, let go of, and change about my life.

This scenario is almost exactly what happened to Zacchaeus. As the story from the Bible goes, he wanted to see Jesus for himself, so he climbed up in a tree to get a good view of this very popular rabbi. The next thing he knew, Jesus was on the way to his house, presumably to share a meal together. Zacchaeus had never read the gospels or heard a sermon about Jesus. The best we can tell, he was aware of Jesus’ rise in popularity and the whispers that He was the Messiah. Nothing was verified at that point, but Zacchaeus was drawn to Jesus, and their encounter that day abruptly changed Zacchaeus—for the good.

This week we’ll talk more about that change, but for today, just close your eyes and talk to Jesus as if He’s across the table from you at your favorite restaurant. It’s ok to just listen… in fact, that’s probably best.

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