Jul 12th, 2021
The Games We Play: Monopoly (Greed)
By: Gary Black
1 minute read 

Luke 12:15 Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed. (NIV)

We’re talking about money this week—more specifically, greed. I think of greed as a green-eyed seductress that worms her way deep into the human heart and ultimately steals huge swaths of our soul. Jesus warned about it, you know. He said, "Watch out! Be on guard against all types of greed!”

That verse gets me to wondering, “What are all kinds of greed? Could it be as simple as hoarding the Oreos instead of sharing them with the rest of the family? Or maybe it’s taking credit for something your team accomplished when your contribution was actually rather insignificant. How about putting some of your vacation expenses on the company’s expense account because, after all, you did do a little work on the trip! Perhaps it’s really greed that makes us push people out of the way at a Black Friday sale, or rush to be first in line at the restaurant, or (closer to home) hoard supplies during a pandemic. The point is, greed wears lots of different hats and probably reveals much more about our hearts than our bank accounts.

In the text that Scott used over the weekend, Jesus said to a rich hoarder, “You fool, tonight you will die.” Bam! That makes it personal, doesn’t it? It’s hard to imagine Jesus calling someone a fool, but maybe He said it more out of pity and grace than condescension. After all, when we really care about someone, we’ll tell them the truth.

This week I will share some truth about money… for one reason, really: Because I care. And because my desire is that you have the best possible life on this planet, I must talk about greed. So… see you here again, tomorrow!

Remember the line from the movie, Fight Club? “The things you own end up owning you.” Yep. Money magazine had a good article on that a few years ago. It’s a short but insightful read about greed. Click here.

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