Jul 14th, 2021
The Games We Play: Monopoly (Greed)
By: Gary Black
1 minute read 

Matthew 6:34 So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. (NLT)

The future. That’s where most people live—”some day, far off”—like the man in Luke 12 who built bigger barns to store more crops. He never learned the word “enough.” Have you? “Someday, but not now,” he said, “I’m preparing for the future.” The problem is that the future is unpredictable, terribly so. Here are seven words to memorize: All we have for certain is now. Read them again, out loud. No, seriously. Do it. Verbalizing truth reinforces it.

As I write this, my grandson is soon-to-be six. It’s all he talks about. “I can’t wait to be six, G-pa!” Next year he’ll say the same thing about being seven, then 10, then 13, 18, and 21. It will continue till he’s about 40, and then he’ll start saying, “I wish I was a teenager again, or in high school or college.” I talked to an eighty-year-old the other day, and he said, “Oh, to be sixty again!”

Fact: We’re masters at being discontented, aren’t we? Which is why the best years of our lives are now, and the best moment is today. If we're greedy about anything, we should be greedy about enjoying life, not enduring it. I’m old enough to know couples who spent all of their lives saying, “Some day.” They went along thinking life was hard and stressful and difficult and awful, so they spent years complaining about it. Now, in retirement, they sit on the porch and look through their photo albums and wistfully say, “Wow, those were the good ole days.”

Newsflash! Friends, the good ole days are now! If you don’t realize that, you’ll waste thousands of special moments, experiences, and fun in your relentless pursuit of something better. Stop it!

Being successful isn’t about making a million dollars or gaining a boatload of recognition; it’s about learning to be thankful for the gift called today. I dare you to try it. You can thank me later—that is, if we’re both still around.

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