Jul 26th, 2021
The Games We Play: Risk (Lust)
By: Will Briggs
2 minute read 

Psalm 119:37 Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. (NLT)

The games we play reflect real things we devote our lives to. And the game of RISK—in pursuit of global domination and strategic sacrifices in the name of conquest—highlights how trivial and destructive the ravenous appetite of lust can be.

Let’s start with a question: Can you feel the gravity? The irresistible pull toward one image, then another. Or is it a tantalizing idea, a possibility you daydream about? Maybe for you it’s priorities; putting unbridled self-interest above anyone or anything else, chasing the intensity of experience you might call enjoyment to make it feel less insidious. But it’s apparent the pursuit of personal payoff... is a problem.

We’re drawn in so many directions. And the world around us will not slow down or stop with the offers of tantalizing options. The risky game of chasing experience and intensity at almost any cost can be summarized by the unseemly word: Lust

When taken to an extreme, even good things can become toxic and life-controlling. So none of us are off the hook—whether our struggle is a seemingly innocent lust for life, the lust for possessions or money or control, or lust for sexual gratification and the fleeting pleasure which accompanies the sinful end of that pathway. 

Whatever entices you, it’s true there are limitless images, ideas, priorities, demands the world offers to arrest our attention. Am I getting in anyone’s business? Anything that competes with what is truly holy and set apart for God’s use can derail our relationship with God.

It’s not so much that the temptations are “compelling.” That word makes it sound like we’re being driven toward something. Like, “The devil made me do it.” Really? No. The lust-filled temptations of the world, our flesh, or the devil are more of an invitation. Like bait in the water. It looks innocent enough. But the hungry fish bites, realizing the mistake too late. The hook tears in and sets… they fall for it. It’s the same for us. That’s how lust operates.

We’ve defined the problem today. Need some hope? Jesus can rescue and restore. That's our journey this week, and we're in it together!

Pray for God to show us where He wants to work and to help us “clean out the corners” in the coming days.

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