Jul 27th, 2021
The Games We Play: Risk (Lust)
By: Will Briggs
2 minute read 

Matthew 5:27–28 You have heard the commandment that says, “You must not commit adultery.” But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (NLT)

RISK. The game of world domination. My dad was unbelievable at it. A career military man, he never lost. One of my earliest memories was on Thanksgiving Day as a kid. My dad had soldiers from his platoon over to celebrate. And what game would they play after eating, but RISK

I remember thinking the game board and pieces were pretty cool. The red translucent and solid white dice. Wow! Of course I wanted to play! I chuckle to think of five soldiers versus a 5-year-old playing that game.

If I’d been allowed to play, I’d have been toast! Because it wasn’t just about rolling the dice and placing your armies. It’s about strategic conquest. Taking over the world. Diplomacy and conflict. And while you’re pursuing the end-goal, there are others trying to eliminate you. No question, I’d be the first to be eliminated on the way to capturing all 42 territories on the game-board.

The enemy of our soul invites us to risk more and more, seeking to fulfill God-given desires apart from God’s design for those needs to be met. We risk the destruction of family, friendships, relationships, work, and reputation. We risk putting ourselves in the path of sometimes-fatal and often-incurable venereal diseases. Even risk retaliation from a jealous spouse. 

Why would we risk going into dark places—metaphorically but also literally—hidden from the light, where who-knows-what can take us out? When we know the enemy’s end-game: to steal, kill, and destroy?

The solution? Don’t risk your life. Bring lust into the light. Expose it. Name it. Today’s text reveals where the roots are hidden. It starts with a glance. Then a lingering look. All leading to attraction. It spirals toward more, more, more. People who have been to the bitter end can tell you all the signposts along the way. Looking back, it’s so clear, so simple. At any point, if they had stopped to recognize what was happening, they could have come to their senses.

Today’s strategy to win the battle? Stop and pray. Here’s how...

Pause for a moment right now and spend time with God. Ask Him to expose the ways lust has crept in. Pray He brings things into the light so He can help and heal you. Share more with a trusted friend. Tomorrow we’ll talk more about how to find additional help winning the battle.

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