Jul 30th, 2021
The Games We Play: Risk (Lust)
By: Will Briggs
2 minute read 

Job 31:1 I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust at a young woman. (NLT)

There are three battle fronts in our lives: The world, the flesh, and the devil. And they work together to create schemes designed to tempt us to crave the fulfillment of God-given desires and needs so desperately that we will settle for an imitation version of them apart from the proper way or appropriate time in which they are designed to be enjoyed as a God-given gift. This can happen with all the needs we have, but especially with sex and sexuality.

The battlefield is clear: Sex gets an inordinate amount of attention. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Sex is all over our media. It arrests people’s attention, so advertisers use images in books, websites, social media, movies, television, and more. Even the clothes people choose to wear are purposefully or unwittingly designed to turn the mind toward sexual preoccupation. 

While the battlefield is evident, the enemy’s propaganda, lies, and disinformation-warfare are hidden and subtle. Perhaps you’ve heard one or more of these whispers in your ear:

  • We can be friends on Facebook with no consequences.
  • When I get married, sexual temptation will go away.
  • Looking at pornography doesn’t hurt anyone.
  • I won’t see him again.
  • It only happened once. Never again.
  • I can quit any time.

On and on and on… enticing bait that appears to be harmless until you’re caught. Until you’re snagged by the hook the world has set out for you. Until you stumble over the tripwire the devil has placed in your path. Until you’re dragged away by your own desires into a place of regret and pain.

Many of us have made mistakes with the gift of sex, but, even still, God is inviting all of us to exchange lust for love… to trade pursuit of something solely sensual for something supremely sacred. Only His intervention can redeem our past and restore this beautiful gift to its proper place in our lives. Run to Him for help.

1 Corinthians 6:18 reminds us to flee from sexual immorality. Because God wants so much more for us. His gifts, plans, and purposes for us are the best kind. Spend some time talking with God about where you are, where He desires for you to be, and the places you need to be healed. Fill out this form if you need help processing this!

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