Aug 2nd, 2021
The Games We Play: Life (Idolatry)
By: Lydia Florence
1 minute read 

Matthew 16:26a And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? (NLT)

I just read about a billionaire who built a supersonic space plane and launched above Earth into zero gravity. This isn’t a fairytale—it literally happened a few weeks ago. Armed with a team of geniuses, unlimited resources to build a spacecraft, and more money than I can wrap my head around, it seems like he has everything. This same man has traveled across Asia in a hot air balloon, founded extremely successful businesses, owns a private island, and was even knighted at Buckingham Palace!

As I read about this guy, it was clear to me that he has sought out increasingly extravagant and incredible adventures as his life has gone on. He’s not a sleazeball either—he has multiple honorary degrees, humanitarian awards, and has been married to the same woman for over 30 years. It seems that there’s nothing he can’t buy or build or be.

But I also find myself wondering if he’s searching for something that he can’t find, if there is a hunger in his soul for life beyond what even his most amazing earthly experiences have given him. C.S. Lewis said, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

This world is not our home, and our life is not found in earthly things or relationships. Rather, true life is found in the eternal hope of Jesus. That’s the promise of the upside-down Kingdom: In “losing” our life (laying down our own wills and ways for that of Jesus), we actually FIND it (now and forever in glory with Him!).

If you’ve ever wondered what leads to contentment and a meaningful life, the answer is only found in surrendering to Christ—He gives you life that is worth living. Not even a supersonic space plane can do that.

Set your eyes and heart on eternal things, and pray that God would help you surrender to His will and way.

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