Aug 6th, 2021
The Games We Play: Life (Idolatry)
By: Lydia Florence
1 minute read 

1 Timothy 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain. (NIV)

I’ve had the privilege of knowing several people who knew their time was nearing to head home to Heaven. Whether battling a sickness or just facing the facts of old age, these faithful servants had one thing in common—they were mostly at peace with the life they’d lived. In reflections of their life, I noticed that the only regrets they ever had were decisions or seasons where they lived out of step with God or indifferent to His way.

I’ve never once heard a dying friend or an aging saint say, “Boy, I sure wish I would have watched more TV.” Or…

  • “If only I could have spent more time at the office.”
  • “If only I’d been 20 pounds lighter.”
  • “If only I had taken my spouse on fewer dates.”
  • “If only I’d played less with my kids.”
  • “If only I’d been more self-absorbed and had more stuff.”

Sounds so silly, right? Of course people don’t say these things when they’re dying. But the way that some of us live makes it seem like those would be reasonable statements. The small choices that we make every day and the big goals that we work toward over time are the things that we’ll have to look back on at the end of our life—and the things we will be held accountable for in front of our Maker.

What if the key to a life of little regret is earthly contentment and eternal investment? I feel the most in step with God when I look at my life with gratitude and invest my time in things that matter for the long haul. My resume or bank account or appearance might not be very impressive by the world’s standards, but if my life is lived in daily surrender to Christ and His call to follow, that grants me a contentedness that can withstand any circumstance and an utter fearlessness of death.

Are the decisions you’re making today shaping a life of contentment or a life of regret? Here’s a hint towards contentment: Start with gratitude.

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