Aug 12th, 2021
The Games We Play: Clue (Self-Righteousness)
By: Chapman Bean
2 minute read 

Matthew 20:16 So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last. (NLT)

I may just be the unluckiest person on the face of the earth, but nothing in life that I’ve ever wanted has come easy. Through years of sports, I quickly learned that you have to put in the work if you wish to see the results. I love the idea of competition. It doesn’t matter if we’re tossing a wad of paper in the trash can for two points or trying to have the smallest splash off the diving board—I simply want to win in everything. My wife, on the other hand, might not have one single competitive bone in her body. Board games are a lot of fun at the Bean household… she doesn’t even try to win. How aggravating is that?!

However, there’s something in my wife that I truly admire. Life isn’t just about winning and losing for her. She’s able to see the beauty in the journey. I often miss out on that because I’m striving so hard to see the results that I can’t enjoy the ride. For those of us like me, we must regularly be reminded that Jesus has already won the victory. Our accomplishments, accolades, families, and careers are not games to be won through our own personal abilities, but they are avenues through which we can give God the utmost glory, honor, and praise with the giftings and abilities that He has so generously given us. Our lives are a form of worship, and they’re not pleasing to God when we rely on ourselves instead of Him.

Jesus willingly bore the cross, and what seemed like a huge loss turned out to be the greatest victory in human history. No matter how hard we work or how hard we strive, it’s only by our trust in the power and grace of Jesus that we are made right with God. We could never earn it and we sure don’t deserve it, but His grace is sufficient. If we truly believed that, we’d be a lot more content to come in dead last.

Pray and ask God for opportunities today to serve others and help them cross the finish line in first place. Be comfortable with a last-place medal today as you serve and add value to others.

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