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Oct 28th, 2020
BIG: Righteous
By: Becky Brass
1 minute read 

Proverbs 18:2 Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. (NIV)

If you have had the opportunity to eat at any of your favorite restaurants since COVID started, you may have noticed some big changes—other than just fewer customers and the wait staff wearing masks. Things are missing from the menus. Specifically, all of my favorite things I like to order at pretty much every restaurant I frequent! I don’t really understand why leaving shrimp tacos or chimichurri chicken off the menu is helpful, but it must make sense to someone.

Now, it would be easy for me to get frustrated over this and maybe even take it out on the waiter or waitress. Or maybe, I could try something new. I have discovered that chicken flautas are pretty tasty. I may even order them again. I probably would not have tried them if my usual order had not been taken away. Same with the new fish I tried. It was really good.

If I am willing to believe that there is a good reason for no chicken tortilla soup right now, even when I don’t understand, how much more should I trust God when I don’t understand? What is God trying to give me right now that I may not have seen if something else hadn’t been taken away? Am I acting like I really believe in God’s righteousness and goodness?

Often, our lack of faith or unwillingness to see God as good and righteous can come from the fact that we just don’t like what is happening. When things are difficult and we don’t understand, we sometimes allow our limited understanding to change our view of God. But, God has not changed. He is still good, righteous, right, and just. He is still the author of Creation.

Are there things in your life you can’t control that you’re allowing to control you? When these things frustrate you, turn to Jesus and fix your eyes on Him! If you are looking for others to walk through life with, check out and find an in-person or virtual group to join today.