Nov 12th, 2021
War: The Battle for Simplicity
By: Nathan Head
1 minute read 

Proverbs 19:23 The fear of the Lord leads to life: Then one rests content, untouched by trouble. (NIV)

I usually get to the office early. I like the peace and quiet of the morning to start my day. I can get into the building using our security badge system, but my office door has a key lock on it. Since I’m behind a few badge entry doors, I never lock my office door nor keep my office key on me. A while back the routine of my quiet morning was disrupted because the door to my office was locked. I went to the place where I keep my office keys hidden and they weren’t anywhere to be found. I searched a few other places before calling one of my teammates with a key to everywhere in the building. Oddly enough, even his big set of keys didn’t have the one I needed. As much as I hoped, none of the dozen keys I’d tried to open the lock were enough, until the right key was found later that morning.

The fear of the Lord works like that. It isn’t until we fear God, putting him unequivocally first in our lives, that things in life “unlock” and work properly. The key to our lives is Jesus. Until we make him the Savior and Lord of our lives, we’ll be unsettled, discontent, troubled, searching, impulsive, and frustrated. Real and true contentment, self-control, and discipline are found to be true and sustaining in Jesus alone. It’s the fear of the Lord that leads us to rest and contentment.

Pray this prayer with me, “Father, thank you for Jesus. Thank you for the forgiveness of sin that is only found in Him. Thank you for your Holy Spirit, alive in me. May I remember today that I can only be content in Jesus. Amen.”

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