Dec 10th, 2021
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By: Michael Mayeaux
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1 Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (NIV)

If this verse sounds harsh to you, that’s because it is. The authors of the Bible understood that the truth can sound harsh at times, but it is always necessary for our spiritual growth and relationship with God. In reference to this verse, it is important to understand that God intends for our first ministry to be our family. Aside from our own personal responsibility to self, the family is intended to be a believer’s first responsibility. This is because God intends for the church to take care of those who have no family to support them. When we deny our responsibility to care for and provide for our own family, then we rob the church of its resources to those who have no family to help them.

So why does Paul go as far to say that whoever does not provide for their family is worse than an unbeliever? My assumption is Paul understands that to know God is to know His heart and His desires. Sadly, there are unbelievers who care for their families better than some believers. When we deny our responsibilities to provide for our families, then we are no better than those who do not know God. After all, how can we love and care for unbelievers when we can’t do the same for those closest to us?

This is not to say that every family circumstance is the same, nor to say that healthy boundaries are not appropriate in certain situations. I understand that sometimes this can be a complicated issue, and figuring out how to best provide for a family members’ needs can be tough at times. Please know that you can reach out to our pastoral staff here at Southland for encouragement or advice on how to do this. Also, seeking the Lord in prayer is always the best first option!

Pray for each member of your family, and identify how you can serve them faithfully.

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