Dec 31st, 2021
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By: Will Briggs
2 minute read 

Luke 1:68 “Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has visited and redeemed his people.” (NLT)

Confession time: I’m petrified of celebrities. In my lifetime, I’ve crossed paths with a number of my fellow human beings who either were or would become what we’d call “famous.” From athletes, to movie and TV personalities, to artists and musicians… you’d know them if I were to start listing them. Maybe you’ve met a few, too? Take a moment to consider what it was like… or what it might be like… to get to meet a public figure, pop idol, movie star, or sports icon. Would you walk right up to them and have a chat? Or nervously hang back? For me, when encountering stardom, words like self-conscious, tongue-tied, and clumsy come to mind. I can end up feeling a little less-than when I encounter a famous person.  

We don’t experience this effect only in the presence of great fame. It plays out in the company of those with power, authority, influence, or money. We express our esteem in the way we speak and act around these people. Do you act differently in the presence of authority? Do you change the way you speak when the preacher is around? Does everyone in your office begin working industriously when the supervisor drops in? In a sense, we can find ourselves “worshipping” certain people through our inordinate esteem, free-flowing respect, or even outright awe.

But scripture tells us there is only One worthy of worship. There is only One on whom worship is not wasted. He is the God of all. Psalm 145 declares He is great and most worthy of praise. Exodus 34 reminds us to worship Him alone. We were made to give our worship to God. And you know what? He showed up. He drew near. The most famous One came humbly so we could meet Him, know Him, and do life with Him—now and forever. And so we could invite others to do the same.

When we are convinced of God’s glorious nature alongside His generous invitation and welcome He extends for us to draw near, we will respond with a very natural, worship-filled, sometimes even wonderstruck response. We will engage in everything we do as an act of worship—our favorite pastimes, the work we do, the times we enjoy with others. It’s worth celebrating today and tomorrow and forever.

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