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Dec 10th, 2020
Christmas According to Cranky Old Men: Zechariah
By: Will Briggs
2 minute read 

Luke 1:25a “How kind the Lord is!” she exclaimed. (NLT)

Our attitude toward change can be seen fairly clearly through our approach to food. What do you like to eat? What food do you eat most often? Do you get the same thing every time you go to a restaurant or do you mix it up every time? Have you ever eaten something long enough to get really, really tired of it? Are you someone who can eat the same thing three meals a day, several days in a row? Or do you shun the idea of chicken for dinner since you had it last night? Maybe you found the one or two foods you like best a long time ago. Or perhaps you’ve just started to value the idea of trying new things, expanding your horizons and your tastes. Or have you been doing that all along? Some embrace the variety, the novelty, the experience. Others want things to be predictable, controlled, and avoidant of surprises.

This year has been a real workout for so many people in this realm. What’s been happening with both food and with change may have you wondering if God is really good, if He is really kind. I mean, menu items have literally been trimmed. The availability of certain items at the grocery has slimmed down. Just as we have lots of attitudes toward food, we also have diverse responses to change in our world. But the food isn’t gone, the selection is just different.

On one hand, that might be a scary prospect. And yet, even in the midst of any discomfort it might give us, there’s hope in it as well. If you’re living, there’s still the possibility you’ll experience breakthrough in that situation or circumstance. It may not be exactly what you’d have planned. Or just what you’d hoped. But in God’s hands, the result will be, at the core, deeply and profoundly good.

Have you ever had that moment when what you barely dared to hope for… finally arrives? Can you resonate with Elizabeth? “How kind the Lord is!” Maybe it’ll be a return to normal for you, whatever that looks like. When steadiness returns to replace the season of constant change or feeling off-balance. Or maybe a prayer has been answered. Or an unspoken, deep desire of your heart has been met, and it’s like God’s response has been personally crafted… perfectly… to meet the need, to attend to that desire. Don’t give up hope, friend. God can intervene and change everything… in a moment. And that kind of change? You wouldn’t want it any other way.

Keep asking, seeking, knocking on the door. God is present. He is powerful. And He knows how to care for you, friend. When we trust Him, there will always eventually be a day we say, “How kind the Lord is!”