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Dec 18th, 2020
Christmas According to Cranky Old Men: Joseph
By: Kelly Hill
1 minute read 

Matthew 18:3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (NIV)

Everyone enters into the world the same way. We all come into existence as a baby, completely vulnerable to the world around us. And isn’t it wild that our Savior decided to descend into the world the very same way? I think C.S. Lewis described it well in this quote, 

“The Eternal Being, who knows everything and who created the whole universe, became not only a man but (before that) a baby, and before that a [fetus] inside a woman’s body. If you want to get the hang of it, think how you would like to become a slug or a crab.” (Mere Christianity)

For us to attempt to wrap our heads around the idea of becoming small, we might picture ourselves becoming a slug or a crab. That’s an interesting thought! It brings to my mind the movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, where the scientist dad accidentally shrinks his teenage children to the size of insects. It’s almost impossible for us to comprehend an all-powerful God choosing to make Himself small and human. The fact that our God humbled Himself enough to take on flesh and enter our world as a baby says a lot about who He is. It sets a tone for a perspective that we can live by, too.

Jesus tells us that the first will be last. He tells us that we should become like little children to enter the kingdom of Heaven. God honors humility, and He demonstrates that in how He humbled Himself. How can you have childlike faith this Christmas season? As adults, it can be easy to get distracted by the busyness of Christmas. This Christmas season, let yourself be captivated by the wonder of Christmas with childlike faith.

Do something today that takes you back to childhood. Make a blanket fort, play hide n’ seek, ride a bike, color in a coloring book, or make a mini-golf course in your house. Be creative, and invite your family in on the fun.