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Oct 12th, 2020
BIG: Glory
By: Nathan Head
1 minute read 

Exodus 33:18 Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”

The verse above will serve as the centerpiece for our time together this week. The entire glory of God is incomprehensible, but we’ll put our focus here because there is nothing that compares to it… and to grasp even a shadow of it is to literally be changed forever. I realize it’s Monday and we might not be ready to jump in the deep end, but it’s good for us—so here we go!

The Hebrew word for glory is kahbod (kaw-bode). The word literally means heavy. To the Jew, of which Moses was one, it encompassed everything about God. God’s honor, glory, power, and majesty were expressed by the word kahbod. God’s being and presence is truly heavy, and it’s impossible to ignore His work in the world.

God created everything we see in nature (see Genesis 1). We are products of His grand design. He has the power to speak entire galaxies into existence. He decided how the solar system would work and set into motion the orbit of this planet around the perfectly distanced sun, which sustains the complex and amazing life we see in our world.

In Exodus 33:18, above, we jump into a conversation between Moses and God. Moses was the person chosen to represent God to His people, and vice-versa. Their exchanges, as recorded in the book of Exodus, are astounding to read and consider. Moses’ request to see God’s glory comes out of a back-and-forth exchange like many you’ve witnessed a hundred times over between good friends. Their conversations are real and intimate. Moses even seems to bargain a bit with God. God is powerful and weighty and glorious and willing to carry on a conversation with Moses, operating as a friend to this man. Amazingly, this weighty God is a friend to not just Moses but to me and you as well.

Today, let’s talk to God as the friend He truly is: The all-powerful, all-knowing, loving Heavenly Father and friend that He is.