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Jan 5th, 2021
Choose Jesus
By: Nathan Head
1 minute read 

Luke 18:23 When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was a man of great wealth. (NIV)

Sunday at church we talked about choosing Jesus. This choice is sobering because it’s all or nothing. We don’t get to choose Jesus along with a few other things that give us the illusion of security. In the verse above the man of wealth chose his wealth over Jesus. Jesus hadn’t even asked him to part with it until he attempted to justify himself to Jesus.

He approaches Jesus and asks how to get eternal life. Jesus replies, deflecting the flattery that was a preamble to the guy’s question. He then tells him to keep the commandments, listing five of the ten, and the guy’s reply is amazing. He tells Jesus he’s kept them all since he was a kid. This is staggering but, with the few commandments listed in Luke, theoretically possible. The only sinless person (who could keep all the commandments) was Jesus. Jesus, recognizing this potential lie, challenges the man’s pride by getting to the source of it. He tells him to sell everything he owns and give to the poor.

In the verse we read above we have the man's reaction to the challenge of Jesus. What Jesus did was offer him something greater than wealth but this guy did not recognize it. He could not fathom there is a more secure and pleasant life than the one he had built on his financial margin. If you have the means to read this devo then, like me, we most likely have more margin than we actually need.

Reading this encounter is uncomfortable. When we approach Jesus, His love for us is so perfect that He will not allow us to settle for less than Himself. His loving critique is designed to bring us the best life. The question today is, “Do we believe that Jesus is all we need?”

Pray and list out things that you feel bring you security. Ask God to reveal if you elevate any of these things above Jesus.