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Jan 22nd, 2021
Upstream: Marriage
By: Will Briggs
1 minute read 

Song of Songs 8:6-7 Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, its jealousy as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it. (NLT)

Whether you’re married, looking forward to marriage someday, or you’ve been there and done that… invest in becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. No one ever sits on the couch in my office talking about their wedding and says, “I hope I’ll be dating someone else in the near future.” No way! So, let’s do the work early in the game to divorce-proof our marriages by discovering creative ways to honor each other and lift each other up.

I am smitten with my bride, Sara. I’ve been captivated by her over the past 27 years. Part of the fun in marriage is knowing and being known. Even after all these years of marriage, I’m still discovering more about my bride. It comes down to communication. When you pray for your marriage, I’d recommend asking God for fresh words to say and new discoveries to be revealed about one another.

I think we all understand that romance is not routine. Some of the most profound expressions of love are spontaneous. Ask questions when you’re together. Goof off with no agenda for the day. Talk about your interests. Continue to learn about one another. Share your fears. Discover one another’s dreams.

And keep the dialogue going, even when you’re not together. Send love notes via text. Email silly pics to one another. Shop actively for experiences and getaways. Then again, staycations can be as good as vacations. Are you married with kids? Take time off on days the kids are busy to just be together with your spouse during the day, to rediscover how much you enjoy being around the love of your life!

The fact is, marriage gets better and better as the years go by if you keep striving to date one another... and simply be the love of each other’s lives.

Want to improve communication in your life and/or marriage? Ask three questions and then listen before you say anything else to someone. Learn more about them, and actively demonstrate your interest in knowing them better.