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Feb 16th, 2021
Muscle Car Theology: The Engine
By: Shaun Denney
1 minute read 

Psalm 1:2 But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. (NLT)

The holidays always set my eating plans back a few months. It begins with a few chocolate bars at Halloween. Then, some pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Fudge, cookies, and all kinds of sugary delights at Christmas. By January? I need a detox! One of my good friends who is a car pro tells me it’s really important to put the right kind of oil in a car. He says if you put the wrong type of oil in, it can affect the pressure in the engine, and even blow out your seals. I don’t understand any of that, but it doesn’t sound good. My physical, mental, and emotional state are impacted by what I’m digesting. The same is true for our spiritual life! Yesterday, we talked about the influences that can cause us to suffer spiritually. Today, we turn to the solution!

Throughout Scripture, wisdom is described as a feast. An invitation to eat and drink, to leave the simple life behind and enjoy good judgment (Proverbs 9:3–6). God’s Word is like honey to our souls. In God’s Word, we are confronted with our sin and pointed to the beauty of forgiveness and redemption in Jesus. God’s Word teaches us how to live, warns us against dangerous paths, and paints a picture of a future hope that is so glorious it is hard for us to even fathom.

So what is the alternative to being influenced by the things of this world? It’s delighting in God’s Word, soaking it up day and night, and letting it transform our hearts and minds so that we live like Jesus—to the point that the world STOPS influencing us, and we START influencing the world.

Do you have a plan for digesting God’s Word every day? It’s okay to start small! Commit to memorizing this verse today: But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. (Psalm 1:2, NLT)