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Southland Neighborhoods


This week we are highlighting our Southland Neighborhoods group. If you'd like to share what Jesus has done in your life with people outside the walls of the church building, this group is for you. Our Local Outreach team has been investing in the Woodhill Community for years. We want people who live so close to our church to know we love them—and that Jesus loves them. We do that by consistently taking time to build relationships. We want to be intentional in spending time with the kids by playing games, establishing trusting relationships with the families through fun activities, conversations, and, when we can, by sharing some good food together. Check out our Southland Neighborhoods Group by clicking here and join us as we share the love of Jesus!

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Southland Groups


There's no better way to help us get moving and growing than the encouragement and challenge of friendships we make through biblical community. Groups launch on September 12 and there’s a group out there that's a fit for just about everyone. But if you look through it and don’t see that perfect group for you... maybe that’s your cue to start one! We'd love to have a conversation about that if so! Check out southland.church/groups to learn more and to join—or even lead—a Southland Group.

KidSplash and Rooted


We want to help you as you lead your kids to know Jesus and follow Him as they grow. We have two great opportunities for you as your kids grow: Rooted and KidSplash!
Rooted: For you all who are in the baby stage, we have this great experience called Rooted where we help you make a public commitment to raise your children in a house that puts Jesus first. Register here for Rooted on October 24 at 1:30pm! 

KidSplash: Those with older elementary kids who are getting old enough to ask questions and have conversations about baptism, KidSplash will help you and your child to connect, learn, and grow in ways that fit their specific stage of life! Sign up here to join us for KidSplash on October 5 at 6:30pm!
Whatever age you find your kids, we’re here with you for the lifelong journey of helping your family get to know and follow Jesus.

Marriage Conference


As Jon shared during the Upstream series, we want to make an intentional investment in marriages so we can get upstream and ahead of the challenges and difficulties that can come along downstream. Healthy marriages lead to healthy families, communities, workplaces, and churches. Plan to join us on Saturday, September 25 for our 2021 Marriage Conference: Through the Years. We’ll be hearing from Bob Russell, founding pastor of Southeast Christian Church, as he shares wisdom from 54 years of marriage with his wife, Judy. Sign up here today!

Fall Retreat


Our Students go deeper and grow the most when we can get away with them on a retreat. So we’re excited to let you know we have been able to transform our High School Retreat from a local event in the winter to a full-getaway retreat in the fall! Go ahead and mark your calendars for October 22-24 so you can be sure you don’t miss out on this amazing time away with the Southland Students Team! You can learn a ton more and even sign up today for the High School Fall Retreat right here!

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Prayer for Veterans


If you’re a military veteran and you’re struggling, text us at 859.224.1603. We want to pray for you, encourage you, and support you in any way that we can. You’re appreciated at this church!

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