Nicholasville Campus Note

Posted Sep 14, 2021

You observe and experience it every day: People relying on politics, religion, science, intellect, art, and so on to answer the greatest questions in life. Invariably, those sources will leave us empty and longing for more. Jesus came to show us the way to an unending source of life. And when He spoke of His Kingdom, it was never in the context of a governmental system. Instead, He spoke of relationships built on a foundation of love and forgiveness. I’m grateful to be part of a church whose mission is to spread the word about that Kingdom and that way of living. If you think about it, most everything we do is meant to strengthen our relationships, whether with the Father or each other.

Take a look below at how we’re doing that real time. You’ll find ways to build up your marriage, serve others in need, and connect in smaller communities for the sake of learning and giving and receiving encouragement. There’s an opportunity for parents to dedicate themselves to raising their kids in view of God’s goodness; for kids to learn about Jesus' unending love for them and what it means to follow Him; and for students to get away for worship and connection with the Father and each other.

God helps us better understand Him, as much as our limited human minds can, by introducing Himself to us as Father, Son, and Spirit. Here, again, is the example of what it means to exist in community, each for the sake of the other.

Love God. Love people. See you next week!

Greg Chandler | Campus Pastor

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