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Posted Jan 26, 2022

That scene in the final moments of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is more spiritual than you may realize. You’ll remember when the Grinch had stolen Christmas, and after hearing the people of the village sing despite the loss of things, the story tells us that the Grinch’s “small heart grew three sizes that day.” There is something to be said about how God enlarges our hearts as we grow, giving us the capacity to care more. Just when we think we have nothing else to offer compassionately, our hearts grow, and more needs can be met.

I’m so grateful to be part of a caring church whose heart continues to grow. One way we care for our community is through our Helping Through Him ministry. In the last year, we’ve picked up furniture from 576 houses; we’ve given furniture to over 800 people; and over 1200 people utilized our clothing bank. Would you consider volunteering with this ministry on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings? I personally guarantee that you’ll be encouraged by the experience. Gordon Walls ( would be happy to tell you more! 

We also have care communities for those going through divorce, people grieving the death of a loved one, those struggling with mental health challenges, and those who are caring for those struggling with mental health challenges. There’s also help and care for those dealing with issues relating to alcohol. If you’re a first responder, we have a wellness group starting for you soon. And we’re excited to offer training and certification again this year for those considering becoming foster parents. For information about any of these care communities, just reach out to Michael Mayeaux at These communities are for you and those you love!

Jon is going to unpack some clarifying vision about our church this Sunday. You won’t want to miss it! Until then,

Love God. Love People.

Greg Chandler | Nicholasville Campus Pastor

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