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The Process

Membership at Southland is more than just a certificate—it's a partnership with a commitment and accountability to what God has called us to. It's an opportunity to join the Revolution of Love here in central Kentucky and beyond!

Before you partner with us, we want to make sure you have a clear picture of who we are, what we believe, and what we expect of people who partner with us. The process is pretty easy, but it takes a small commitment on your part. Set aside about 30 minutes to walk through the content below. You'll learn about our history, our beliefs and values, our mission, and our expectations for partnership. Then, after completing all areas below, you'll schedule a time to come and meet with us. We'll talk through any questions you might have and help you find your next steps for serving and being a part of a revolution of love.

Ready? Let's get going!

Step 1: Who We Are

We want to make sure you understand where we've been, what we believe, and how we prove it daily.


Since Southland began in 1956 until now, our heart has always been to spread generosity, love, and the Gospel.

Our Beliefs

We believe some things must be essential to understanding and being in relationship with God, and we've structured ourselves around that foundation. Here at Southland, we have 13 key beliefs that set the foundation for who we are as a Church:


Since we believe the Bible teaches that we should be immersed in baptism, we ask that anyone partnering with us through partnership be baptized.

Proving it Daily

We are courageous followers of Jesus who love God, love people, and prove it daily in our communities, in our city and in our world. It’s what we do, and we love doing it.

Step 2: What We Do

We want to make sure that everyone at Southland participates in three areas: spiritual growth, biblical community, and service.

The Triangle

The Triangle is an effective tool that we use to help individuals know more about where they are strong in their walk with Jesus and where they might be lacking.

With Jesus

Relentless pursuit of a transforming relationship with God begins with a daily commitment. And as a partner at Southland, it's crucial that you take time to read your Bible every day and continue to grow closer to God through His word. If you need some help getting started, we've put together a few resources at the bottom of the page that can give you a jumpstart after you schedule your meeting.


YouVersion is a great tool that makes scripture easy to navigate and offers reading plans, note taking, and linked resources.

Daily Devos

Our staff writes devotionals that supplement and support Southland’s weekend teaching each Monday through Friday.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media offers dozens of video Bible Studies and allows you to engage in a study at your own pace.


Check out our past series to help you with your pursuit of a transforming relationship with God.

In Community

We believe that life happens best in community, and, as a partner, it's important to us that you're taking steps to be a part of Biblical community beyond just the weekend service. You may already have this in your life and not even realize it. Joining together with friends to hold one another accountable, study God’s Word and support one another through life’s trials is what Biblical Community might look like.

Southland Groups

If you don't currently have Biblical community, joining a Southland Group is an easy way to jump in. Southland facilitates and launches groups multiple times each year.

On Mission

When you partner with us, you're saying that you want to be a part of the mission that we talked about earlier. It may look different for everyone. Sometimes it's just a willingness to help someone in need the minute we see it. Sometimes it’s about getting your hands dirty or putting some elbow grease into it. It can be inside the walls of our church, in your neighborhood or in your home—regardless of where it is, we’re all called to become servants in the world.

If you're not currently serving anywhere within the church or in the community, just let us know when you come in to meet and we'll help you start being on mission!

Step 3: Next Steps

Let's Meet

We are excited to meet with you to talk more about Partnership. Use the fields below to select the best day and time that works for you. When we get together we will answer any questions you have, talk further about Partnership, and what it means to be part of the Revolution of Love here at Southland!


We mentioned a lot of different ways to get connected here at Southland through spiritual formation and serving. Use the links below to go through our website to find areas you'd like to pursue in your walk with Jesus and alongside Southland.

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