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Posted Jun 15, 2021

Let’s talk “Southland Groups” for a second.  I know there are lots of reasons why some people are not able to be in a group and I get it.  I know we are all very busy and adding another “thing” to our calendar seems overwhelming and we feel like we would be doing someone a “disservice” signing up because we wouldn’t be able to faithfully attend.  Or, maybe you are someone that says “groups aren’t my thing”.  Perhaps you are someone that has tried a group before and it did not go well for some reason.  I get it.  I understand all of these reasons and I’m not here to condemn you for “not being in a group”; however, here’s my “food for thought” today… The Bible doesn’t say a word about “Southland Groups” - shocker I know - but it does talk a lot about having people around you to encourage and challenge you and vice versa.  So, is that happening in your life someway, somehow?  If so, great! If not, signing up for a Southland Group is a good step.  Summer is a great time to just “try it” because so many groups are keeping things “light” and planning some fun get-togethers AND they are expecting some new people - YOU!  If I can help connect you in any way with others at our church - I’m all about it.  Just make sure you are not doing life alone and you have people  “in your corner”.  If you feel like you don’t then let's chat.  See you Sunday.  

Jason Koerner | Campus Pastor

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