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Posted Sep 14, 2021

Since day one, we have been reminded how, yes, GOING to church is important but BEING the church here in the community is the goal!  

One of the biggest ways we have been able to BE the church even before we started meeting on Sundays, was and is through Southland Groups! We started with five groups in Madison County in 2019 and now have close to 30! These groups are digging in and learning about what it means to follow Jesus together... and we have seen addictions being broken, marriages being saved, playgrounds built for kids who deal with domestic violence, thousands of bags of food being packed for kids who don’t have food at home, and we’ve even seen cars being given away! 

I look forward to seeing what will happen through our groups in the coming year!

We have NEW groups being started for the Fall and some awesome EXISTING groups that have opened back up specifically for you to join! You can go here to see the list. 

I want to highlight a couple of our newest groups. We have one that runs just four weeks on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the cafeteria at Madison Central called Starting Point that would be a great one if you have never been in a group before or you are new to Southland or considering joining our church or being baptized. It will help you learn what we believe and why we do what we do.

Also, at the beginning of the year, we were challenged to get “Upstream” in the problems in our culture and focus on our families and relationships. We have another new group called Grace Marriage being formed that will dig into what it means to have a great marriage. So be sure to check those two out especially. 

See you Sunday!

Jason Koerner | Campus Pastor

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