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Posted Jan 26, 2022

I spoke at my grandma’s funeral in Cincinnati this past weekend. While reflecting on her life, here are some things I felt like God showed me. She was born in 1927, which fell in the era of what's now called the “Greatest Generation.” She saw the invention of the television, microwave, and VCR. She lived through the stock market crash and the Great Depression. She heard the news on the radio about Pearl Harbor and World War 2 and Hitler’s defeat. I think God gives us a lot to learn from this generation and from my grandma...

The first thing we can learn from them is Stewardship. You see, living through the Great Depression, you learned to value things and appreciate what you have, to take care of it and be generous. Psalm 24:1

The second thing I think we can learn from them is Unity. Living in a time of war, you learn to value your relationships. My grandma desired unity in her marriage as a support to my grandpa, as well as unity in her family, in her church, and in the world. Psalm 133:1

The most important thing I think we can learn from them, though, is Faithfulness.  Living in fear of being bombed in a time of war makes you realize there is good and evil, and one faithful God. My grandma was at church every Sunday and very involved in her Sunday School class. She had a Bible that was marked up and underlined all throughout it. Hebrews 10:23

The Greatest Generation—and more importantly, my grandma—understood the importance of taking care of what you have, valuing your relationships, and staying strong in your faith. As part of the Greatest Generation and being the Greatest Grandma, she lived out the Greatest Commandment. We should all do the same. 

Jason Koerner | Richmond Campus Pastor

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