At Southland, our vision is to love God and love people all across Kentucky. Our Unleashed offering is your chance to partner with us through your generosity to make sure the life-changing message of Jesus is shared with people all across the state. To find out more about that vision and how to unleash it, read below.

Extending our Impact:
...moving toward a permanent location in Richmond.

First and foremost, we’ve got a great relationship with MCHS. It’s AWESOME working with the administration at the school. At the same time, we know the value of a permanent campus that provides a “home-base” for Southland’s Outreach, Impact, Evangelism to happen effectively.

This Unleashed Offering will help us get the funding in place for purchasing a property, and allow for the start of renovations or construction as soon as next year. In fact, with the money we’ve already set aside, along with this special offering, and our budget for next year, we plan to complete this project without taking on any debt.

Student Trips:

Each year Southland Students offers trips for Middle School and High School students. These trips are designed for students to have a meaningful encounter with Jesus, some for the first time...and for others, it's an opportunity to grow deeper in their faith in Jesus. We want to make these opportunities easy for students to invite their friends to by making them fun and memorable, but also make the cost of these trips accessible for everyone. Students come back from these trips/retreats ready to grow deeper in community with their small groups and find their place to live a life of mission.

Update Facilities:

We started construction on the Auditorium and Building E of the NIC Campus 23 years ago and opened it a few years later. The auditorium was designed to be temporary and multipurpose, and it’s time for a little TLC. We’re ready to transform Building E into a permanent place, where we can welcome people to meet Jesus and follow Him. We plan to replace the bleachers with permanent stadium seating, improve Design Studio and Auditorium access, provide an Elevator for the upper level in this building, as well as access for parents and kids to both sides of Design Studio (Nursery) facilities for our littlest kids. People from this campus have been a huge part of giving to build in Georgetown, expand and renovate in Danville, build the Lexington Campus. With your Unleashed gifts, you should see the transformation begin around here as early as the second half of 2022.

The Challenge.

We hope you will prayerfully consider the challenge for each person to give $200 on December 5th to financially support Southland’s vision to unleash a revolution of love. Ask God to help you get creative. Maybe even start setting money aside today.

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