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At Southland, our vision is to unleash a revolution of love to reach lost people all across Kentucky. Our Unleashed offering is your chance to partner with us through your generosity to make sure the life-changing message of Jesus is shared with people all across the state. To find out more about that vision and how to unleash it, read below.

Extending our Impact:

Our physical campuses provide a “home-base” for Southland’s Outreach, Impact, Evangelism to happen effectively. We launched a permanent location for our Georgetown Campus this year and we are getting ready to start looking toward a permanent location in Richmond.

Student Trips:

We want to radically invest in the next generation. Transformation happens in young people’s lives through our Student trips like MIX and MOVE; Winter Retreat, Winter Weekend. Some of the largest impact on students over the course of the year happens at our Southland Students events. This past year, we had to get really creative to craft an experience this year to replace what has historically been an out of state trip for our students. We want to invest our resources to create a compelling, memorable experience for our students to fall in love with Jesus and follow Him.

Bibles for Students:

There’s nothing more impactful than getting students into God’s word. This year, we’re going to make sure all our students have ownership in the word, starting with giving them a personal copy of the Bible.

The Challenge.

We hope you will prayerfully consider the challenge for each person to give $200 on December 13th to financially support Southland’s vision to unleash a revolution of love. We know $200 per person is easy and light for some people but not for everyone. Ask God to help you get creative. Maybe even start setting money aside today.  If you’d like to sign up for reminders, click here. We’ll make sure you get a text every two weeks to help you remember to save for Unleashed!