Volunteer Application Process

About the Application
We're glad you've decided to partner with us in ministry! To begin the volunteer process, we ask everyone to complete a confidential Online Volunteer Application. This application process will help us better understand why you want to serve, in which areas you're interested in serving, and help us get to know you a little better.
The application will require you to provide some confidential information, but please know that any information you submit will remain confidential and will be disclosed only to those individuals needing to know in order to carry out their responsibilities for Southland Christian Church, or as required by law. In addition, all of your answers are submitted securely.
Before you begin the application process, however, make sure that you have read "What We Believe" and our "Volunteer Expectations" listed below.

A Letter From Jon Weece
We believe that everyone in our body is gifted to serve as the church, which means you have unique gifts and abilities that you can contribute to the body of believers. We as the people of God are the individual parts of the body who work in concert with one another to support the maturity and growth of the entire body. Thank you for embracing and applying this Truth from God’s Word in your life and the life of Southland Christian Church.

As we strive to build a mature body and reach lost people for Christ, we recognize that unity and alignment with the body are critical. In order to maintain unity, there are a few things that we ask everyone who volunteers here to agree to. By agreeing to the what we believe, you are willingly placing yourself under the authority of the leadership of Southland Christian Church while you hold a volunteer position within the church. If you have any questions regarding these statements and/or you would like to discuss them with a staff person, please Contact Us.

Thank you again for taking the time to honor God with your time and talent. We are humbled by the sacrifice of your time and appreciate the fact that you are glorifying God with your service.

Sincerely, Jon Weece / Lead Follower

We Believe

Volunteer Expectations
As a Volunteer at Southland Christian Church:
  1. I agree to submit to the authority of the leadership of Southland Christian Church in matters of doctrine.
  2. I will faithfully support the strategy of the leadership of Southland Christian Church.
  3. I willingly submit to the staff and volunteer leaders, within the area of ministry in which I will be volunteering.
  4. I will consistently participate in corporate worship at Southland Christian Church and devote time to personal worship and my own spiritual development.
  5. I agree to be consistently present at my time of service and to arrive at the appropriate time appointed by the leaders.
  6. I commit to taking potentially divisive issues directly to the leader of this ministry area in which I am volunteering.
  7. I agree to participate in any meetings and/or training necessary when possible.
  8. I understand that my appointment is for a term of one year. My re-appointment is based on my fulfillment of these expectations, my completion of the required responsibilities and the decision of the leadership of Southland Christian Church.
  9. I understand that as a volunteer involved at Southland Christian Church, I publicly represent Jesus and the church and will use proper judgment in matters of lifestyle, sexuality, character and integrity. In doing so, I agree to avoid matters which may reflect an appearance of evil.
  10. I understand that as a leader involved at Southland Christian Church, I publicly represent Jesus and the church and support that sex is God’s gift to be enjoyed exclusively in the context of a marriage between one man and one woman. All other sexual acts are outside of God’s will for mankind.

So, Are you Ready?

If you have read "What We Believe" and our "Volunteer Expectations" and are in agreement with everything you have read, go ahead and click on the button below to get started!
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