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Teaching Series

guest_speaker scott_nickell jon_weece

Sep 8, 2019  (4 videos)


A Study of Galatians

The letter to the churches in Galatia is full of strong language and direct challenges. Paul was livid that false teachers had weaseled their way into the churches to rob people of the freedom we have in Jesus. His entire letter is devoted to reminding us of the freedom Jesus secured for us and how to walk in it on a daily basis.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Aug 11, 2019  (4 videos)

Hand in the Cookie Jar

A Practical Plan for Developing Self-Control

Why do I waste so much time watching TV? Why can’t I eat less and exercise more? Why do I cave into the same temptations over and over again? We can make excuses and blame our lack of growth on our circumstances, but our lack of self-control robs us of joy, productivity and confidence. The Holy Spirit wants to help us by giving us the tools we need to create new life-giving habits.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Jul 21, 2019  (3 videos)


What Jesus Might Say to the Beatles

John Lennon once said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. In some regards, he was right because Jesus never traveled more than a few dozen miles from his hometown. But the lyrics of the songs that made the Beatles famous point to a longing in the human heart that only Jesus can satisfy. In this series we’ll look at the truth Jesus would share with John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

jon_weece guest_speaker scott_nickell

Jun 23, 2019  (4 videos)

Southern Sayin’s

The Simple Wisdom of the Bible

People in the south are fluent in a language that is foreign to most people. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say something like, “She’s as mad as a wet hen!” Or, “I should be able to come if the creek don’t rise.” These phrases are packed with meaning and simple lessons about everyday life. In this series we’ll build a bridge from popular southern sayin’s to wisdom we find in the Bible and learn how to apply them to our daily lives.

jon_weece scott_nickell

May 26, 2019  (4 videos)


Overcoming the Challenges No One Expects and Everyone Experiences

Everything seems normal…until one day, it doesn’t. Left unchecked, these four things will affect and infect your relationship with God and poison your relationships with others, especially the people you love the most.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Apr 28, 2019  (4 videos)


One of the easiest ways to communicate is with hand gestures. From a thumbs up to the universal symbol for peace, we can let someone know what we’re thinking and how we’re feeling without ever saying a word. Jesus said some profound things in simple ways and in this series we’re going to look at four of his statements that have the potential to change our lives and can be summed up in a gesture.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Mar 31, 2019  (4 videos)


The Shape of Things to Come

A shadow is an indicator of something real. The Old Testament is full of shadows cast by the cross of Jesus. In this series we will examine some of the most famous stories that foreshadow the ultimate story of salvation.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Mar 10, 2019  (3 videos)

Tall Tales

Unraveling the Lies We Live By

The Greek idea of “muthos” or “myths” was popular and prevalent during the writing of the New Testament. The Word or Logos holds things together, whereas embracing myths pulls things apart. Paul warned Timothy several times to avoid silly myths. They have been and always will be attractive to people. In this series we will identify some of the most common myths we live by, sometimes without even knowing it.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Feb 3, 2019  (5 videos)


Taking Good Care of Your Life

Every dashboard on every car has a way of letting the driver know if something is wrong. Our hearts operate in a similar fashion and all too often we don’t pay attention to the gauges and dials in our lives that alert us to danger ahead. In this series, we will look at some simple ways to add years to our lives.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Jan 6, 2019  (4 videos)


Aiming for Freedom in a World of Captivity

Being forgiven is one thing, but being free is quite another. Jesus wants to set us free from the spiritual captivity our sin creates. In this series, we will explore the steps we need to take to experience the liberating joy that comes from being a son or daughter of God.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Dec 2, 2018  (4 videos)

(Not So) Silent Night

An unexpected Christmas!

The events surrounding the birth of Jesus were far from peaceful and easy. God Himself was far from silent. God made huge announcements and ushered in His plan of redemption in some very unexpected ways with some very unexpected people. Those people all had one thing in common, fear. Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and group of shepherds were all told the same thing “do not be afraid”. This Christmas God has the same message for each of us in the middle of our circumstances. Each week we will unwrap one gift that can fuel our courage in the midst of our fears.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Nov 11, 2018  (3 videos)

Double Vision

You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Good things come in pairs. Locks have keys. Soap has water. Needles have thread. Chips have salsa. Buzz has Woody. Some things were meant to go together. And in a short letter written by the brother of Jesus, we see several ingredients to living a faithful life that are inseparable.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Oct 14, 2018  (4 videos)


All of Us Need Each of Us

The Church is designed to be a multi-generational family. Younger people need to experience the wisdom of older people and older people need to experience the passion of younger people. Few things threaten the health of the Church like generational division. Understanding what has shaped each generation will strengthen our love for one another and our love for Jesus. It will also unite us around our common mission of restoring a fractured world.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Sep 16, 2018  (4 videos)

Screen Play

The Role You Were Created For

Paul describes marriage as a profound mystery. It’s a dramatization of something bigger than itself, a real life picture of Jesus and his love for the Church. And in any good movie or play there are parts to be played and roles to be embraced. In this series we will explore why God created marriage, what went wrong, how we can help restore it, and what all of us have to look forward to as a result of it.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Aug 19, 2018  (4 videos)

Say Yes

Jesus invited twelve young men to follow him and they said “yes” to his invitation and the world hasn’t been the same since. What could happen in your life if you started saying “yes” to every adventure God invites you to be a part of? In this series, we’re going to find out together.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Jul 8, 2018  (6 videos)


Being a Bright Light in a Dark World

What we see happening in our world today should concern us, but not cripple us with fear. From school shootings to terrorism to the threat of nuclear war, God always sends his people into the darkness to be a bright light of hope. And in the Old Testament, there are real life stories that stand out like neon signs to light the way for future generations. In this series we will learn how to read those signs and face our biggest fears with faith in an even bigger God.

jon_weece scott_nickell guest_speaker

Jun 10, 2018  (4 videos)

Wild Kingdom

The Untamed Story of God

The Bible often uses animals as metaphors for teaching important truths about God and His Kingdom. His redemptive plan is revealed in the interactions his people have with a snake, a lamb, a donkey, and a horse. Understanding the symbolism in each interaction will strengthen our faith and give us a glimpse of a future reality where God’s original plan for creation will be restored.

scott_nickell jon_weece

May 13, 2018  (4 videos)


Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

We love to cheer for the underdog. We long to see good triumph over evil. And in the heart of every hero and in the heat of every battle is a love that gives us the courage to take a stand and not back down against things that threaten our well-being. To love anyone or anything, we must be prepared to fight for them. In this series we’ll explore who we’re fighting for, who we’re fighting against, what we’re fighting with, and how to win the battles that really matter.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Apr 15, 2018  (4 videos)

Mud Pies

You Were Created For So Much More

All too often we settle for things in life when God has so much more he wants to give us. And there is nothing like a vacation at the beach to help us gain some perspective on our priorities. The worries of our everyday lives get lost in the sound of the waves and God comes into clearer focus as we watch the sun set over the horizon. C.S Lewis once described it this way—"It would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased". In this series we will explore the incredible gifts God wants to give us and how to never settle for anything other than his best for us.


Apr 8, 2018  (1 video)

Special Guest Matt Proctor

Passing faith to a new generation

Matt Proctor talks about the Andy Stanley quote: "Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." As Christians, part of living out our faith is sharing it and passing it on to a new generation, and Matt will be teaching about how we can do so intentionally.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Mar 18, 2018  (3 videos)

Boxed In

Two Words That Change Everything

Have you ever felt trapped or cornered or like there’s nowhere to go? One of the most powerful phrases in the English vocabulary is, “…but God…” In this series we will learn how to surrender our worst and weakest moments to a God who wants to help us and change us for the better. (I can’t, but God can)

scott_nickell jon_weece

Feb 11, 2018  (5 videos)

Joy Bomb

Expressing Joy in a Sad World

From threat of nuclear war to cancer to poverty, our world could use some good news. And tucked away in the pages of the Bible is a short letter that shows us how to express joy when we’re surrounded by sadness on all sides.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Jan 7, 2018  (5 videos)

Sweet Dreams

What keeps you up at night?

Whether it’s a past regret that haunts us, a difficult family member to get along with, or a fear about what the future holds, all of us have something that keeps us up at night. God wants us to lay our heads to the pillow each night, trusting that he is in control. In this series we will explore practical ways from Jesus’ first sermon to keep from tossing and turning when we should be sound asleep.


Dec 31, 2017  (1 video)

Greater Things

Nehemiah felt a calling from God to doing something greater with his life: to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. It took courage and passion to even start the project, and he was immediately met with opposition. Very few wanted him to succeed. Have you ever felt the tension of pursuing what God wants for your life while others do whatever they can to discourage you? In this message, we'll talk about that tension and how to pursue great things in the new year while tuning out the negativity around you.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Dec 10, 2017  (3 videos)


The family tree of Jesus

"There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.” (Isaiah 11:1) A stump is without hope. Everything involving life has been cut off. The nation of Israel was in the same state when Jesus was born. The once great kingdom of Israel had long since been cut down to a lifeless stump. Yet at an unexpected time, with unexpected people, in unexpected ways, Jesus came from a family tree that appeared to be dead. The family tree of Jesus is found in Matthew 1 and it’s distinctive among ancient genealogies. Typically in the ancient world a family tree would list the members of a family that made the family proud, the kind of people who carried the family name well. Almost always in the ancient world genealogies would exclude women, foreigners, and notorious sinners. Yet in Jesus’ family tree we see all three! In this series we will look at how God takes people who should be cut off, disqualified and without hope and through Jesus He includes, qualifies, and restores life to them.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Oct 29, 2017  (6 videos)

Castles & Barns

Building a Better Life

The human heart is where God has chosen to take up residence. And the parables of Jesus give us a clear picture of the kind of life he wants to partner with us to build. It’s a better life than anything we can construct on our own.

scott_nickell jon_weece

Sep 24, 2017  (5 videos)


Standing Out Instead Of Blending In

God designed the church to stand out, not blend in to its surroundings. All too often the indictment people bring against the followers of Jesus is that they don’t act like their leader. That was definitely true for a church that Paul planted in the city of Corinth. It was plagued by sexual immorality, idolatry, lawsuits, and a variety of other worldly behaviors that created confusion among the people who were trying to figure out what it means to be a Christian. In this series we will walk through Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth to gain valuable insight on how Southland can avoid the pressure to blend in when God is inviting us to stand out.

jon_weece scott_nickell

Sep 3, 2017  (3 videos)

My Former Life

The Old Has Gone & the New Has Come

Too often we allow our past to negatively impact our future. Jesus wants to help us leverage our mistakes to create a life marked by freedom and joy. In this series we will look at people who surrendered control of their lives to Jesus and the impact it had on them. He changed their names and their futures.


Aug 13, 2017  (3 videos)

Y’ all

The Powerful Collision of "Me" with "We"

Jesus showed us how to establish dynamic, life-giving relationships. Every conversation and interaction he had with people was seasoned with a mixture of inclusivity, vulnerability, and eternity. In this series we are going to explore how to leverage southern hospitality for Christ-centered community.

jon_weece derrick_purvis guest_speaker

Jul 16, 2017  (4 videos)

Escalator God

The Powerful Flow of the Holy Spirit

There is a lot of confusion about whom the Holy Spirit is and what he wants to do in and through the followers of Jesus. In this series we will explore his powerful identity and purpose.

jon_weece gary_black

Jun 25, 2017  (3 videos)

Triple Threat

Turning Idols Into Opportunities

Idols are good things that we’ve turned into ultimate things. And if we’re not careful, we can spend our lives missing out on the good things God wants to give us. In this series we will explore the ugliness of idolatry and the beauty of a life that is surrendered to a living God.

jon_weece chris_hahn

May 28, 2017  (4 videos)


Four Life Changing Four-Letter Words

In our culture, most four-letter words are bad words. But the Bible is full of four letter words that are good and powerful and life changing. In this series we’re going to look at four of those four letter words that describe who God is and how we should respond to him.

guest_speaker derrick_purvis jon_weece

Apr 23, 2017  (5 videos)

Crazy Normal

Every family has its fair share of drama. From jail time to addiction to custody battles to arguments about an inheritance, no family is immune to relational conflict. The first book of the Bible (Genesis) gives us an incredible amount of insight on how to deal with the day-to-day craziness that threatens to divide our families. In this series we will look at how God wants us to handle our difficult family dynamics.

jon_weece guest_speaker

Mar 26, 2017  (4 videos)

Skin Deep

In his book about Jesus, John doesn’t write anything about the birth of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, his temptation or his parables. Instead, John focuses on the reality that God came in the flesh. His writing is about the intimacy and proximity of God, thus he writes about Jesus’ extraordinary interactions with ordinary people. In this series we will take an in-depth look at the people Jesus talked with and the life he invited them into.

gary_black jon_weece

Mar 5, 2017  (3 videos)

Yo Yo

Do you ever feel like someone has you on the end of a string and is playing "Yo-Yo" with your life? You aren't alone. In this series we will meet other people who have experienced the highs and lows of life and we'll learn how to handle the unpredictable from their experiences.


Feb 12, 2017  (3 videos)

Sticks and Stones

Solomon said, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” The tongue has no bones, but it’s strong enough to break someone’s heart. We must use it wisely. Words can transform us, others, even the world! As Jesus-followers, we need to learn how to speak words that are kind, loving, positive, uplifting, encouraging and life-giving.


Feb 5, 2017  (1 video)

Level Up

It’s one thing to level up in a video game, your airline miles, or the number of followers you have on Instagram, but that’s not what we’re talking about in this series. We want to look at what it means to level up in life. Specifically, we’re going to uncover some ways to level up when it comes to our relationships, our joy, our contentment, our character, and most importantly, our relationship and connection with God.


Jan 8, 2017  (4 videos)


What the participants in the first church had in common was an uncommon love for Jesus and people. As citizens of heaven and Kentucky we have to decide if we’re going to become uncommon followers of Jesus or remain unchanged. The decision seems obvious, but obvious isn’t always easy.


Jan 1, 2017  (1 video)

Looking Forward, Looking Back

The 1617 sermon will give us the opportunity as a church family to look back at 2016 and see what God has done through our ministry efforts. And it will give us the chance to look forward to 2017 and anticipate all that he is going to do through our ministry efforts. The Jewish people had a regular rhythm through annual feasts of looking back and looking forward. It was a yearly reminder that the best way to live is by thanking God for what he has provided and trusting God for what he will provide. New Year's Day will give us a similar opportunity to prioritize faith in God.

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