About Southland


We are courageous followers of Jesus who love God and love people in our communities, in our city, and in our world.

Southland is a church of people who believe the best way to live life is with Jesus, in community, and on mission.

With Jesus

Following Jesus begins with a daily commitment. When Jesus was asked by others about why He lived His life the way He did, He simply responded, “I only do what I hear the Father telling me to do.” For us that looks like daily spending time in the Word, talking to God through prayer and gathering together to worship each week. Time with the Father is how Jesus lived His life and is key to our life as we follow well.

In Community

Jesus chose to live life in community. He surrounded Himself with people who He intentionally connected to. We believe that life happens best in community, and it's important to take steps to be a part of biblical community beyond just the weekend service. We were made to do life with others: Joining together with friends to hold one another accountable, study God’s Word, and support one another through life’s trials is how we love well.

On Mission

In Jesus’ life, He was relentless in His drive toward being on mission. One way He phrased it was that He came to give up his life for others, and He’s called us to live the same kind of life. Imagine a church that fed the poor, cared for under-resourced kids, threw parties for the physically and mentally challenged, befriended exotic dancers, and filled the homes of the underserved with clothing and furniture? We’re all called to serve well.

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