Listen to the new single "All of the Glory"

Behind the Song

The book of Revelation is such a descriptive book. It’s a vision John received from Jesus, all about the glory and splendor of the throne room of God. It describes so much about our hope and the anticipation of basking in the glory of Jesus, the Lamb of God. In chapter 7, verses 9-12, John describes a diverse multitude of people, too numerous to count, pouring out their praise to the Lamb in His throne room. As we anticipate this reality in Heaven, it is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to replicate this beautiful scene on Earth, as it is in Heaven, by leading as many to Jesus as possible. That’s what this song is about. When we gather in worship—even here on earth—we’re reminded that Christ’s throne room is also present, and He is worthy of all the glory!

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