Southland Podcasts
A podcast for everyone with past and present weekend teachings from Southland Christian Church that will help you grow and maintain a healthy relationship with God.
Defined is a womens's podcast from Southland Christian Church in Kentucky. We would love for you to share some thoughts about our Defined podcasts by filling out this feedback form!
Locker Room
Locker room is a men's podcast from Southland Christian Church in Kentucky. When you think about the kinds of conversation that happen in locker rooms you probably think about vulgar, childish and demeaning language. In this podcast we are redeeming men's conversations by talking about the right things in the right ways.
A podcast for parents where we cover a number of topics with the hope to encourage you with what we know and don’t know. We don’t have degrees, haven’t written any books, but we do have kids and want to raise them to follow Jesus above all else.
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